Teacher - 01 Day 0 It begins

Teacher - 01 Day 0 It begins

“Ms. Burk please report to the office.” Came over the school intercom.

“Now what” she thought. Did something happen to one of her homeroom students. Laura Burk was a High School math teacher at a private school. Ever since HB 2469 passed, Humiliation was legal and the approved form of discipline, and some of the discipline rules were very strange from what they had been. When Sara got to her classroom to relieve her Laura made her way across campus to the front office.

On her way she saw Mika, one of the senior girls walking across the central courtyard in her underwear. On Mika’s wrist was a band that was yellow and white. Laura felt sorry for her. Evidently, she had violated her curfew and her parents had registered her and she could only wear underwear for the next thirty-nine days. One day for each minute she was late. It was rumored that if she violated curfew again, she would be elevated to Red with Green and White, meaning she could only wear her panties and a third violation would be a solid Yellow meaning she would be totally naked. Any minutes she was late would be added to any days that remained on her time. Laura could not imagine the shame Mika must be feeling.

She knew there were a few other students that were under restrictions both boys and girls. The rules applied equally to everyone. She had heard of a another girl, Hannah or something, that had had a Red and Green and White sentence for three whole days. Laura had not seen her, but she heard from her students that the girl had gotten in a fight with her parents about vaping and they thought a couple of days in only her panties in front of her friends would take her down a notch or two. Today was her first day and she still had 2 more days to go. They said it worked. She never wanted to go through something like that again and promised to never vape again.

As she continued, she thought about the silly color codes that were assigned to the humiliation penalties. Yellow for some odd reason was the worst case requiring complete nudity. Green is nudity below the waist, and Red is nude above the waist. The color code was based on a STOP light of all things. Leave it to congress to come up with a compromise that is based on something that has nothing to do with the law. The reason was Red is on the top of the light, Green is on the bottom, and Yellow is in the middle of a normal stop light. Because top and bottom nudity is equal, the yellow color was used. There were modifiers other than White, but she never gave it much thought to learn all the codes.

Other modifiers she did know were Blue for state crimes and dark Orange for federal crimes. Those colors had their own subcategories, but Laura never paid much attention to them either.

When she got to the office, she was met by Mark Owens, the vice principle. This might be bigger than she thought. What could possibly be going on. Was one of her homeroom students going to get a Yellow Penalty?

Mark escorted her to Paul Mitchel’s office. Paul was sitting behind the desk. Mark indicated that she should sit in the chair in the corner. Mark sat at the chair just inside the door. Laura kept looking at the door to see what student would be joining them. She was confused when Mark reached over and closed the door.

Paul was the first to speak, “Ms. Burk, we have a situation that we need to deal with. Due to the new rules, we really have very little room for discretion in how we handle the violation.”

“Who did what?”

“You did,”

“WHAT! What did I do!”

“Earlier today you left your classroom unattended for six minutes today. Leaving a class of High school students unattended is a major violation. Any number of things can happen in that length of time. It is a safety violation.”

“I had to pee! I tried to get someone to stand in for me, but no one was free, and I was afraid I was going to pee right in front of everyone.”

“Well, you still broke a major rule and left a classroom of students unattended for six minutes. We have it on the classroom video recording. Unfortunately, the penalty is spelled out quite clearly in the school handbook. You will receive a Class Green penalty for the next six days.”

“WHAT, I can’t do that, I am a teacher!”

“That is the whole point. Because you are a teacher, you must do it. You need to set the example. It is precisely because you are a teacher, we cannot go easy on you. It is stated clearly in the handbook that the violation for leaving a class unattended is a Class Green violation. If we do not follow the rules for a teacher, how can we be expected to enforce them for the students?”

“Everything has already been registered. We sent the video to the H-Office, and they approved your Class Green service. The time will start tomorrow at 6:00 AM and conclude at 6:00 AM six days later.” Mark said. “Here is your registration bracelet. At 6:00 AM tomorrow morning it will turn solid Green and you will not be able to wear anything below your navel. Other than shoes that is.”

Laura was starting to hyper-ventilate. “No, No, No, NOOOooo! This can’t be happening!”

“Don’t worry, this is not the end of the world. It will only be for six days and then everything can go back to normal. We have already called your husband and he understands what is at stake here.”

“You already told Allen? Oh My GOD, what about my son. Adam is going to see me bottomless! He is only a Junior. How can I deal with this? Oh GOD, Oh GOD, Oh GOD, No, No, No, this can’t be happening.”

“I am sorry, but our hands are tied. We cannot make an exception. We could lose our accreditation for the school if we even tried to do so. We would be in violation of the law. A law that was purposely set to treat everyone fairly, rich, poor, male, female, and all ethic possibilities. It was heralded as the most comprehensive fair laws ever passed.”

When the meeting was over, Laura felt like she was a zombie, her brain refused to function. She was able to function in auto mode. The students knew something was up but had no idea what. They at least knew enough to behave and not try to push their luck.

When it came time to leave, Laura met Adam at the front door of the school, and they walked to the car in silence. Adam sensed that something was wrong, but he was afraid to break the silence.

When she got home, she started crying. Laura did not want to get out of the car. Adam got out and went in, not knowing what the problem was. Twenty minutes later she came in. “Sorry Adam, I will start dinner now. Where is your dad? He should be home by now.”

“Mom are you OK. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“No, there is nothing you, or anyone, can do. I don’t want to talk about it. Please don’t ask.”

Twenty minutes later Allen came home. “Sorry, I had to pick up some things on the way home. I’ll show them to you in a moment.”

Laura went up to Allen and just gave him a hug. She laid her head on his shoulder and cried. He gently stroked her hear and said, “We can get through this. It is not the end of the world. I am here for you.”

“Adam, can you please come in here? We have something to tell you.” Laura tensed when she heard Adam’s name. She slowly shook her head and whispered “no, no, no” Allen shushed her and continued to stroke her hair. When Adam arrived, Allen continued, “Adam, your mother violated a rule today and is facing a class Green sentence for the next six days, starting at 6:00 tomorrow morning.”

“Oh God, I knew something was wrong, but I never thought that is what happened! God mom, you are going to have to be nude below the navel for six days! All the time?”

“Yes dear, I am so sorry! Oh my God, I just realized I don’t have any tops that stop above my navel. I am going to have to cut something down or I will be in violation!”

“No dear, you do not have to cut anything down. I will not allow you to damage any good clothing for this stupid sentence. That is why I was late. I was warned about this from Mark when he called me. On the way home I stopped at the H-Store, to buy an appropriate top for you. Boy was that place an eye opener, you are lucky you only have a class Green violation. There are some things in that store that would be truly humiliating if you had to wear them. OK, I think we need you to get ready for tomorrow as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the better you will feel when the law kicks in and you have no choice. At least here you can feel what it is going to be like in the safety of our house. Here is the top I got you. Please take off your dress and panties so you be ready for tomorrow.”

“No, No, No, not in front of Adam. Please not in front of Adam.”

“You are going to have to do it sooner or later, you might as well do it in a safe place like our own home. Adam is going to see you during the next six days, so now or tomorrow really does not make any difference.”

“It is OK Mom. I have seen others bottomless. From a distance, but I have seen them. Both men and woman.”

“Come on dear, let me help.” Right there in the middle of the kitchen, he started unzipping her dress, and she let him. She let it fall to the floor and she stepped out. When he reached for her panties, she grabbed his hand to stop him, but he was stronger, and his hands kept moving. He pulled them down in one swift motion to her ankles. Her pussy was now on display to both her husband and son. God, she felt like she was going to die from the embarrassment. She hardly even let her husband see her nude, she always insisted that the lights be off or at least very dim when they made love. Now she was standing bottomless in the harsh bright lights of the kitchen.

While it was rarely seen in any light other than by her, she kept her pussy neatly trimmed. It was a full bush that followed her panty shape. She made sure no unsightly hair was exposed when she wore her underwear. She however wanted as much hair as possible because she had always been embarrassed that she had prominent lips on her pussy and wanted to try to hide them behind her hair. Fortunately, social trends had swung the other way as hairy pussies were the general norm. Only throw backs would completely shave their pussies like a generation ago. Unfortunately for Laura, her lips could still easily be seen sticking out of the bottom of her hairy patch because her hair naturally was thin near her lower entrance.

“Here dear, here is the top that I got for you. The girls at the center said this would fit you. Unfortunately, they did not have a medium or large size which would fit you better. They only had a small, but they said these things really do stretch and even a small could fit a large woman if needed.” She looked at it and it looked like a small t-shirt, something that a kid would wear, but it was made of a very stretchy material. With Allen’s help, she was able to get it on. It was very snug and fit like a second layer of skin and it barely came to below her breasts. Because of the extent of the stretching, it was almost completely transparent. Her semitransparent black bra was clearly visible through the material.

“Allen, why did you get such a small top?”

“It was the only size they had. They said it would fit. It does, but they did not say how it would fit.”

“What am I going to do? We need to get a different top!”

“The store is closed; we are just going to have to deal with what we have.”

“Wow mom, that is very thin. I can clearly see your bra through it,” said Adam. What would she do!?!?

“I can’t go to school like this, my bra is clearly visible though this top. I need to cut down one of my normal tops!

“No, I will not let you do that. I will not let you damage perfectly good clothing just to fulfill some stupid rule. You will just have to make do with what I got for you.”

“Please,” she whispered. “Please get a larger size that will not be transparent”

“Look, it is not like you are topless. You just wear a bra under the top and no one will see your tits. No big deal. Then you can get another top yourself tomorrow on your way home from school.”

“What do you mean I can get one myself? I can’t go into a store like this!”

“Laura, you can, and you will go anywhere you would normally go. You will be going to your school like this. There is no difference in going to a store than going to your job.”

As she was contemplating going outside almost naked. The sheer top almost brought more attention to her bra than if she had been nude. The sheer top almost looked like glitter had been applied to enhance her bra.

Adam felt like he was dreaming. He always thought his mom was hot but seeing her standing in the bright kitchen lights almost naked was almost more than he could take. His knit shorts soon tented with his growing cock. He was almost hyperventilating as he got harder and harder. He was about to excuse himself so that he could masturbate in the bathroom to get rid of his hardon, when his father noticed his condition.

“Look Laura, look at your son. He has a hardon. It is because of this that we needed to have you prepare for the next six days now rather than in the morning. Adam needs to get use to you semi naked. Think how embarrassing it would be for him to get a hardon because of how you have your pussy on display”

“HIM!? My God, I am the one that is standing here almost nude! I am the one that’s more embarrassed!”

“Now dear, you are expected to be embarrassed. That is the whole point of the Humiliation bill. Think of Adam, however. Think of how embarrassed he would be to sprout a hardon in front of his friends because of his mom. He needs to get used to seeing you like this.”

Laura wanted a black hole to suddenly appear in front of her and swallow her into nothingness. Allen was more concerned about how her son would be embarrassed if he got a hardon because of her than he was concerned about how she felt about being naked.

“Son, you need to take care of that thing. You need to get used to seeing your hot mother almost nude. The best way is to pound one or two out. It will help. Trust me.”

“OK dad, I’ll go to my room and do just that!” He was embarrassed about his reaction to seeing his mom like this but, damn she was hot.

“Nonsense, you will do it here in the kitchen in front of your mom. If you, do it alone, it will all be in your imagination, and then when you see her again, you’ll just get another hardon. You need to do it where you can see her so that you get used to seeing her like this.”

“Allen, NO! Please don’t have him do it with me standing here in front of him!”

“Now dear, we both know it will be a little embarrassing for him to do it here, but in the long run it will help him.”

“HIM! I’m the one that is exposed here, and I am going to be for six whole fucking days! I feel like I am going to die from embarrassment. Having our son masturbate in front of me it only going to add to the shame I am already feeling.”

“Nonsense, you will be fine. Now Adam, sit in the chair at the dinner table and do your thing. Here is a box of tissues for when you cum. I will have your mom stand in front of you so that you can clearly see her in all her glory. Dear you should take this as a compliment that even your son thinks you are hot.”

As Adam sat, Allen positioned Laura in front of him. In this arrangement his mom’s pussy was almost at the same level as his eyes. He could clearly see her pussy lips below the hair.

“Now Laura, you can do better than that. Let Adam really see you. Your feet are almost together, move them apart.” She moved them so that they were about eight inches apart. “No more.” Another couple of inches. “No, I said more. Here let me help.” With that he reached under her butt with one hand so that his fingers curled up a little touching her pussy lips and with his other hand he grabbed he lower leg and move it out about a foot. Then he removed both hands to her relief only to have them reversed as he did the same thing with her other foot.

She now was standing within an arm’s length of her seated son with her feet at least three feet apart in a lude display. Adam could even see her pussy lips being pulled apart by the wide stance. Allen looked her and still was not satisfied. To Laura’s horror he reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart as wide as he could and then let go. They bounced back but not as far as they had been. They were now fully apart and showed some of the pink interior. “There you go Adam.”

Laura said, “What the hell, Allen.” She was about to reach forward with both of her hands to hide the lude display, but Allen was quicker and grabbed both her arms and pulled them behind her to prevent her from hiding from her son. Pulling her arms back had the result of forcing her bra covered tits to be on even more display than they were if that was possible.

Adam was in heaven. This was so much better than he could ever have imagined. He looked up and saw his dad nod to encourage him. His mother closed her eyes, refusing to look. He slowly pulled down on his shorts and his six-inch cock sprang up. It bounced in time with his racing heart.

Laura could not resist and finally looked at her son and saw his cock. It was a little smaller than his dad’s, but he was still growing. He would probably reach Allen’s seven inches when he was done growing. It was already just as broad.

He grabbed his cock with one hand and slowly started to pump it. God, he was close enough that he could smell his mother’s muskiness. Being young and excited. It only took a few moments before he started to cum. Being inexperienced, spurt after spurt shot out and hit his mother covering her from just below her top and dripping down into the hair on her pussy. That was fucking awesome he thought. More of his cum started running down her belly only to get caught in her pussy hair.

“Feeling a little better, Adam?” his Allen asked. Laura just whimpered.

“Yah I do feel a little better. The intensity is a little less. Thanks dad.”

“No problem. Go get a towel and clean your mother up a little bit. We can’t let her be all gooey when we sit down to eat dinner now can we? I think that would be a distraction for both of us son.”

Adam got up and got some paper towels from the counter. He first cleaned up the last dribbles from his cock before he pulled up his shorts. He then took some more towels and started cleaning the mess he made on the front of his mother. He was able to wipe down the smooth skin on her belly easily enough, but her pussy hair was a different matter. He had to keep rubbing to get most of it out. It took several towels to do so. When he was done, he ran his bare hand over her pussy and could feel a little dampness, but only a little. It looked clean and that was all that mattered. “I think I have all that I am going to get dad.”

As her son was wiping his cum off her body, she kept trying to pull away, preferably to run and hide, but Allen was too strong and kept holding onto her arms and his feet kept her feet out wide. She was more humiliated than she had ever felt in her life.

“OK, great son. Let’s sit down for dinner. What did you make Laura?”

The normality of that statement almost made her forget the situation she was in. Her auto response was, “Chik’n patties, mashed potatoes, and peas.”

“Great, One of my favorites. Since you made it, I will serve it. Go ahead and sit down.”

They all sat and ate dinner like they would on a normal Wednesday evening. Adam picked what sitcom they would watch from the recording list. They talked about events during the day. Adam told them that he had gotten an A on his last math test. Allen talked about being a bit stressed due to a customer tour that was scheduled on Friday. And Laura even talked about how her day had been up until the incident where she could not get anyone to stand in for her while she emptied her bladder. Normally she would go between classes, but Matt had stayed in her room asking for some help on a test that was coming up in a couple of days. That was during her open time when she would normally go to the bathroom. He stayed right up until the end of the period, and she just did not have a break when her next class started. Then she got quiet and wouldn’t talk.

When dinner was over, Allen gathered up the plates, like normal and Adam said that he had some homework to do.

Allen spoke up and said, “Laura, I know you have some grading to do, and Adam has some homework but before we go our separate ways, I want to ask Adam if he is OK. Adam, are you going to be able to handle seeing your mother like this? Do you need to relieve yourself one more time tonight?”

“Allen, what are you talking about,” Laura asked.

“I’m asking if Adam is going to be OK seeing your as you now are? I mean to me you have never looked hotter, but then I am your husband, and you know how bottomless turns me on. But Adam here is going to be going to school with his mom with her pussy on full display. He may get another hardon in front of his friends and that may embarrass him.”

“Him! What about me?”

“As I said before dinner, you are supposed to be embarrassed. My concern is him. Adam, what do you say? Do you want to yank another one off while we are all together? It may help. I see that your shorts are showing signs of tenting again.”

“OK, I wasn’t going say anything. I was just going to go to my room and jack off in private but doing it in front of mom may help me.”

“Oh GOD, please don’t let this be happening,” Laura said, almost to herself.

“OK Adam, why don’t you sit here on the couch, Laura you can sit on the padded bench seat here facing him. Here, let’s scoot it up closer so that he has a better view of you pussy.” Allen moved the bench so that Adams knees were only about 6 inches away from the edge. “Laura, you are going to have to step over his legs when you sit down. Your knees need to be outside of his. That will allow him to see you better.”

Laura was in a daze again. How could this be happening? She tried to sit back as far onto the bench as she could, but Allen would have none of that. “No dear, you need to scoot your pussy up to the edge where he can see you better.” This caused her legs to spread even wider than they were because Adams legs were in the way forcing her legs apart. This was an awkward way to sit, and she needed to support her body somehow. She had two choices, put her hands on Adam’s legs or grab the back side of the bench and lean back. Allen directed her hands to the back.

Once again, she had her pussy on wide display and her tits thrust out in front of her. She did not think it could get worse but then Allen reached between her legs with his hands, grabbed her prominent lips and pulled them apart. He pinched and pulled hard enough that a small yelp escaped her from her. When Allen let go, they remained open showing her pink interior opening.

Adam was ecstatic. He thought his mom’s pussy lips looked like a beautiful butterfly. He quickly pulled his knit shorts down far enough to allow his cock to be free. He started stroking it but this time he was a little less excited and he allowed himself to really look at his mom.

She had smooth skin and a toned body. She exercised regularly on the stationary bike they had, and she lifted some small weights. He decided she was not exactly skinny like some of the girls he knew but was rather pleasantly soft. Her pussy had full lips that almost seemed like they were going to suck him in. It was hard to imagine that he came out of such a beautiful place. He so wanted to reach out and poke a finger in to feel how it felt, but a solid Green rating only allowed looking with no touching. He was going to have to look up the modifying colors that would allow someone to touch or even fuck them without getting into trouble. He looked up and saw his dad reaching around her body and tweaking her nipples through her top and bra. When he pulled his hands away her nipples stood up like little erasers through the sheer top and thin bra.

That was enough to send Adam over the top. Spurt after spurt of cum erupted from his cock. As before he directed it onto his mother’s stomach. It pooled in her belly button and then ran down into her pussy hair.

“Well done son. Do you feel better, less horny for your mom?” Laura felt as if her skin was on fire where it was covered in cum. She felt as if she would die of shame.

“Yes, I do. Thanks dad.”

“Good, now go get the paper towels and clean up your mess. I’ll hold her here until you are done. We don’t want to get the floor messy.” Adam’s cock was still leaking a little so as he got up, he squeezed his shrinking cock pushing the remains of his cum on to her stomach. He then wiped the last drop off by rubbing the tip on her skin just above her pussy hair line. He knew he was pushing it, but thought he could get away with it, if he didn’t push too far.

Adam retrieved the paper towels and started wiping her down. As before, he had to spend extra time on her pussy hair to get the cum soaked up. He was even able to brush a finger over her pussy lips a few times as he worked. They were soft, warm, and rubbery. He knew he was really pushing the limits now, and his dad was watching after all, so he quickly finished up.

“Laura, thank Adam for cleaning you up.”

“Th… Th… Thank you.” She finally got out.

“Well, we have all had some fun so now it is time for you to do your homework and you need to do your grading. I’ll be in my office catching up on some email.”

They all three went off in their separate locations. Laura had difficulty focusing on her grading at first, but then automatic routine kicked in and she soon forgot what she was going though and could focus on her task.

Adam was still high on adrenaline. He couldn’t believe he had just jacked off on his mother twice this evening. He even got to feel he pussy lips the second time. He was going to enjoy the next six days immensely. When his friends saw his mother, they were all going to be jealous of him. They all said his mother was hot. Now they were all going to see just how hot she was. She may not be the hottest mom of his friends, but she was definitely near the top. And as far as he knew, she was going to be the only mom that would be at school tomorrow with her pussy on display.

Allen was secretly looking forward to the next few days. He had always had a fantasy of exposing his wife in public. He had never been successful, however. She even resisted him when he wanted to stand and pose nude in the bedroom. She was embarrassed of her body and would seldom let him see her in full light. Now she was not going to have a say in it, and he didn’t even have to be the bad guy making her do it. It was the law. As he was sitting back thinking about how much he was going to enjoy it, it occurred to him that Saturday was there anniversary. They had a full day planned and then a night out. He doubted she had realized the timing yet. She will be mortified but he was not going to let her back out of anything they had planned. She was still in shock that tomorrow at 6:00 her band would turn green. That reminded him that he had picked up a band of his own that when he could pair with hers. His band would flash gold and her band would match with a gold stripe that blinked in time with his when he pressed the activate button. Because she was already sentenced to be humiliated, as her husband, he could take her sentence to higher levels for short periods of time. It would effectively give him the ability to have full rights with her anywhere he wanted. Man, this could not get any better!

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