While mom is away, the boys will fuck

While mom is away, the boys will fuck

Let me introduse myself first of all, im John,im 16, im 6'2, 185lbs and cut. My partner is Kieth, he is about 6'0, 200lbs and a little chubby.

Kieth and i were talkin one saturday morning on our instant messanger when he told me that his mom was going to be out of town for the whole day and that he wanted me to come over to hang out. I had never thought of being gay or even think that I liked boys. When i arrived at Kieth's house he was on the computer looking at porn with a massage bulge in his gym shorts. When i entered the room he was casual about what was on the computer screen and just kinda smiled.

I sat down on the edge of the bed right next to him and the porn on the monitor. When i got to looking at it i realized it was gay porn, and it was a picture of 3 men, one sucking a mans dick while he was getting fucked in the ass. I asked him what he was doing looking at something like that and he told me wanted to try it. He said that he had thought about it alot and thought it would be fun. I sat there and thought for a minute, and told him "i'll only do it if you swear on your life that you'll never tell any one about this."

He said "I swear, it will be our secret." I said" ok so what do we do now?" He told me to strip down naked and that he would do the same. After we had taken all of our clothes off we sat there, we each had a boner. We were both pretty averge when it came to size, he was a thick 8, and i was a thicker 7 1/2.

He asked me if i would suck his dick, so i told him that he would have to do me first. He agreed and lowered his head between my legs and took half my cock in his mouth. He began to bob up and down on it starting a fairly quick rythem. He started messageing my balls, and the next thing i know i feel something rubbing on my virgin asshole. I could'nt tell him to stop because of the tremendous pleasure i was gettin out off all of it. He had been sucking me for about ten minutes when i started tensing up and he knew i was ready to cum. I told him i was close, so he started to bob faster. Right as he felt my cock start to spasm he poked his index finger all the way into my asshole, it made me shoot a load right down his throat to his stomach.

After he licked my cock clean of all cum, he told me it was my turn to do something for him. I told him "ok , so you want me to suck your dick?" he told me thats wat he wanted, and guided my head down to his growing with his hand. His dick started to get soft so i took the whole thing in my mouth and started bobbing just like he had done to me. His cock quickly became hard again and he started moaning saying little things like"oh yeah suck it" and "your so good". After it felt like an eternaty i felt him tensing up in my mouth so i got ready for his load. He said "i want you to swallow me baby", so right before he came he told me "here it comes." When he said he let go of his huge load of man right into my mouth. I held it in my mouth for a minute before swallowing, i told kieth that " i liked the way it tasted". He asked me if i wanted to do anything else. I was still very horny so i told him "i dont care". He said " aight lets get in my mom's shower."

His mother had a very nice bathroom and a large marble shower, with a carved out seat in the corner, perfect to bend over on. We got in the shower and got the water warm. When the water got good and warm he wrapped his arms around me and we engaged in a long tong free kiss. He broke the kiss to start heading down to my already hard dick. He engulfed my entire cock down his throat and started his rythem. He didnt do it very long at all before he told me to " bend over the seat, and close my eye's." I did as i was told, then i felt him spread my ass cheeks apart and start to lick my asshole. It was by far the best feeling i had ever felt in my life, he followed that by inserting his index finger back into my ass. He had a hard time getting his finger in me so he got some kind of oily substance and lubed my ass and his fingers.

He then slowly inserted his index finger into me easier this time. He then pulled it out and slowly finger fucked me for it felt like 10minutes at least. Then i felt him instert another finger into my tight anus. I squirmed when he first put them both in, he told me to " just relax". I tried to relax but i just couldnt, his two fingers were to much for my virgin hole. He slowed his pace until i was comfortable with what he was doing to me. He then asked if i was ready, i was being very nieve when i asked him " ready for what?"

He then chuckled and told me to close my eyes again. I felt alot of pressure on my anus when he was first putting the head of his cock in. I screamed in pain and told him to stop. He stopped trying to go farther in me and just sat there for a minute until i was relaxed enought for him to go further. It hurt tremendously as he progressed getting his dick inside me untill we both hurd and felt a "POP". He must have "popped my cherry" because right after it happend, his dick slid right inside. He then started pulling out so he could start his rythem. I told him to go very slow because i didnt think i could stand his big cock in my little for long. He went very slow at first, untill he saw that i was in fact enjoying what he was doing to my little hole.

He picked up the pace until he was pistoning into me at quite a fast rate. He then started saying " Yeah, you like that dont you", " take this big cock little boy". All i could do was moan in pleasure from how good he was doing. We had been fucking for about a half hour before he told me he was fixing to cum, and that he wanted me to take it in my mouth. I told him ok, so he positioned his cock in front of my mouth and told me to "open up". He then shot his huge load of hot sticky jizz all in my mouth. I spitt if out onto my lips like i had seen girls do in porno's, then licked it all off. He put his cock in my mouth for me to suck the rest of cum off him.

He then got out of the shower leaving me in there alone. I so i started to clean myself, when i got to rubbing my ass i felt that my asshole had been stretched out, and it was so very sore. I finished cleaning myself up and got out of the shower, then walked into the room he was in gettin dressed. I told him that i needed to get going and that i definatly wanted to see him agian tomarrow, or maybe later on that night.

That was my first experience with anouther guy, it would sure not be my last. We actually got together later that night while his mom was alsleep. I'll have to tell you about that one another time.

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