Christmas break - part 2

Christmas break - part 2

The thoughts rambling around in my head were interupted by Nancy jumping on the bed causing her breasts to dance as she landed on all fours and asking "What are you two whispering about over here."

"Oh, I was just telling Hut about how many people know what a moron jerk he is." Kathy said.

"Yeah, right. I've spread the word far and wide." Nancy said. She began to scramble under the covers and ended up just like Kathy on my other side, snuggled in on my arm with her hair on my shoulder and her breasts pressed up against my side. She rearranged herself a bit so that her right breast was basically lying on my chest. She reached up and pulled my chin toward her and gave me a little kiss on my lips and said "You know, we're your biggest fans. We're your groupies, you know. I bet not many guys can say that about their sister and cousin." She pulled my chin over again and this time kissed me longer and I felt her tongue probing for mine. I couldn't resist her and we kissed deeply. Sister or no sister, we kissed deeply. I felt my penis engorging under Kathy's thigh. She felt it, too and moved her leg down slightly and let it spring free.

Danni asked "Are you guys in for the night? Can I turn off the lights?"

Nancy said "I think so."

Danni switched off the lights and I heard a window opening. Danni said "I'm gonna' open the window just a bit so it cools down in here. I sleep better with it cool." As my eyes grew accustomed to the dark I could see Danni walk back to the far side of the bed - her bed - and remove her robe. I could just see her outline as she crawled under the covers. "Good night, you three. Don't keep me awake." She said with a chuckle.

I said "I can't sleep on my back, or at least I can't go to sleep on my back. Something's got to give here." Nancy and Kathy both rolled slightly away from me so I could move. I rolled on my left side, facing Kathy. "This'll probably work." I said. Kathy scooted over against me on her back and pulled my right arm across her abdomen. I drew my right knee up so that my thigh were across her at hip level. "Is that OK for you or is it uncomfortable?" I asked.

She said "It's fine. I'll let you know if it's not."

I felt Nancy moving around behind me and felt her arm come over me. She snuggled in facing my back, arm draped across me. I could feel her breasts up against my back and her breath on the back of my neck. It was still warm enough in the room that the covers were down about waist level when I began dozing off. When I woke up some time later I was still on my left side. The air on my face felt much cooler and I realized that the covers were pulled up around my shoulders. Nancy and Kathy seemed to be even closer to me than when I was falling asleep, as if that was possible. I felt their skin against mine. It was warming my very soul. The next time I woke up I was on my back and they were half on me and half off on each side. Their legs were intertwined with mine and I felt a hand cupping my scrotum like one would hold a very small Kitten. Who was it that was holding me this way? I thought it was Kathy, but since I couldn't move my arms to check it was a guess. Once I thought about my arms I realized they had fallen asleep. I could barely feel my own hands. I fell back asleep wondering if limbs could die from a lack of blood.

Suddenly I was awake and found myself on my left side facing Kathy. She was kissing me on my face while holding my penis in her hands. She was stroking it only slightly. When she saw I was awake she whispered "Sorry I woke you up. I just couldn't keep my hands to myself."

I could feel Nancy up against my back but it felt like she had her back up against mine. I kissed Kathy back and whispered "I'm not so sure this is a good idea, Kathy." She moved her face away from mine a little and looked in my eyes.

"Why?" she asked.

"C'mon, Kathy. You're my cousin. What if something happens?" I asked.

Kathy asked "What could happen?"

"I'm not gonna' be responsible for ruining yours and my life, Kathy." I told her.

"What, do you think? I'm a virgin or something? Christ, I've been on the pill for a couple of years. Same with Nancy." She chided me in a whisper. "You told Nancy that as long as we felt comfortable with it, you thought was OK for us to be together like this."

I whispered "Damn, you guys talk about everything, don't you? Besides, I was talking about us sleeping together - not sex."

I felt Nancy move behind me then heard her whisper in my ear "Yes, we do talk about everything. You can bet on it." Her hand was on my side, rubbing it softly. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, but it just puts me at a disadvantage, doesn't it?" I asked softly.

Kathy said "Just as it should be, cousin."

"You guys take care of your business quietly before you wake up Danni." Nancy whispered "So you probably shouldn't argue with Kathy, Hut." With that I felt her move around ending up with her back against mine again.

"You heard the boss, Hut." Kathy whispered.

"So what do you want from me?" I asked Kathy.

"God, are you doing your moron act again, Hut?" she asked me.

I kissed her on her lips as I put my right arm around her and pulled her body up against mine. Her hand on my penis was trapped between us as I moved my hand slowly down her back until I had her butt cheek in my hand. I squeezed it gently a few times as we finished up the kiss. When I pulled my lips off of hers, she extricated her trapped left hand from between us and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my lips to hers again for a longer, probing kiss. I met her tongue with mine and we kissed for a long time. I felt my penis grow as hard as it could be up against her abdomen.

She pulled her lips from mine and whispered "I want you to touch me" as she took my hand off her butt and placed it on her pubes. I touched her lightly as she raised her left knee to spread her thighs apart. I probed into her already wet pussy with several fingers and she kissed me harder than ever. After a few minutes she hooked her leg leg behind my legs and pulled me closer. Reaching down she held my penis as she moved in on the target and scooped me inside of her. She let out a long sigh then began to grind against me gently. She kissed me roughly, tongue probing deeply into my mouth and I probed right back.

I couldn't believe I was actually fucking my very fuckable cousin, and in a bed where my sister and her roommate slept. Actually, she was fucking me to be entirely accurate. She began grinding faster but spasmodically as her breath came in pants and her whole body trembled and shook. At least she wasn't a screamer. As the trembling subsided she kissed me again and said "That was as good as we daydreamed about."

"What the hell is Nancy gonna' say?" I whispered.

"She already knows. We agreed that I got the first shot at our longtime plan" She whispered as she reached off the side of the bed and got a towel off the floor. She, or maybe they, had this planned. She slipped off of me and dried herself a bit then put the towel on the bed under my penis as she said "Now it's your turn" and began to stroke my penis with a slow, gentle, but steady rhythm. I could tell I wouldn't last long and sure enough I didn't. I felt my penis pulse and my scrotum draw up and Kathy continued stroking but aimed my cum at the towel on the bed. When I finished pumping, she gently rubbed her hand on the head of my penis in the cum that was there before wiping her hand on the towel. Then she pulled the end of the towel up and milked my penis on it.

I felt Nancy move around behind me. Her hand was on my side and she pulled herself so that her face was near my ear and whispered "Can you two go back to sleep now?" I wasn't so sure I could - I felt pretty wide awake now.

Kathy kissed my cheek then whispered in my ear "Wanna' go take a shower with me?" I nodded and she eased out of bed, followed by me. Grabbing a couple of towels and a bar of soap, we slipped out the door and closed it quietly behind us. Almost silently we padded naked down to the bath room and made sure the door made no noise as we slipped inside. Kathy handed me her towel and said "I've gotta' pee."

I said "I'll find the hot water" and went on to the shower room after dropping our towels on the bench. On the far shower unit from the doorway I placed the soap on the shelf, turned on two adjacent shower heads, and waited for Kathy and the hot water to get there as I peed down the floor drain. She padded into the shower room about the same time as the hot water began spraying out of the shower. She got under one of the showers, reached out, and pulled me under the other.

She said "Oh, too bad, no washcloths. We'll just have to use our hands" as she picked up the soap, rubbed it between her hands, then rubbed the soap and her empty hand on my chest. I took the soap from her and began rubbing it all around and under her breasts and her abdomen. Her breasts were just big enough to sag a little and lift up nicely in response to my hands underneath them then drop back down when released. We were both soapy when she reached up and hugged me around my neck, pulling me to her in a close embrace. "I hope you don't have any regrets because I don't" she said.

I wrapped my arms around her lower back and squeezed her tight against me. "No, I don't guess I do" I replied. I felt a tingle in my groin as my penis began to engorge again.

She felt it too and she wiggled free from me and said "He hasn't had enough yet?" She soaped up her hands and began massaging my penis and scrotum and was rewarded with a growing erection. She moved me to rinse the soap off of me then tried to get my penis in her pussy standing up against me but it wouldn't work. She said "My legs aren't long enough to do it standing up. Lie down on the floor, we'll do it under the showers. As I was lying down on the tile floor, luckily it was warmed up by the showers, she adjusted the two showers a little hotter then straddled me, sitting on my penis while guiding it to its target with her hand. She was squatting over me, feet on the tile floor and said "You just lie still and I'll take care of this." She began to pump up and down on me in a steady rhythm under the hot spray of the showers. "You're gonna' come inside me this time." I had a hand on each marvelous breast, she was beginning to breathe hard from the exertion, and I felt myself closing in on her objective. I arched my back, flattened back out and began to drive my hips to meet her thrusts with mine. She began to pant and tremble as her thrusts became more irregular for some moments. Then she recovered herself and began thrusting with even more purpose until I began to shudder beneath her. She laid down on me, moving from her feet to her knees, then stretched out full length on me moving her hips up and down gently like she was finishing me up. "I love you, Hut. Always have and always will. My love started as a love for a cousin then changed to a lustful love. Now I love you as a lover but I know you can never be mine."

"I love you, too, Kathy. I never realized how much I loved you until this week" I said. She stopped moving and we just laid there still for a few minutes.

I almost dozed off under the hot water with a hot body lying on top of me. If the floor had been more comfortable I probably would have. I moved my hands to stroke Kathy's back from shoulders to butt over and over. After a few minutes of this she raised her head from my shoulder and kissed me again with a deep probing tongue. "I wish I could take you home with me. I'd lock you in my closet and let you out only to make love with me" she said.

"I'd probably get a little ripe after a few days, don't you think?" I asked.

"Well, we'd obviously need to make love in the shower at least every day." She laughed at her thoughtful response.

I squeezed her butt cheeks and said "I gotta' get up. This floor is starting to hurt." She pushed herself up off of me, making sure that her breasts dragged right across my face then stood up. I managed to stand up with a little effort. By the time I made it to my feet Kathy was washing off the splooge from her legs.

After turning off the showers I staggered over to the doorway and the bench where I'd dropped our towels followed by Kathy. I gave her one and began drying myself off with the other.

I asked her about Nancy again. "Are you sure Nancy is gonna' be OK with this? But then it's a little late to worry about that, I guess."

She replied "Yes, it would be too late if there was gonna' be a problem. But there isn't gonna' be."

"OK" I said "You're the boss."

"And don't you forget it either." She answered.

As we quietly slinked back into the room Danni stirred around a bit. I eased back under the covers and laid down on my back. Kathy slipped in beside and was again up against me with her wet hair on my shoulder and arm - just like when we went to bed the evening before. The windows were beginning to show a little light so I figured it must be well past 7:30. We just lay there, staring at the ceiling as the fingers on my left hand paced off little circles on the side of her body. I felt very content, back under the covers with a warm, soft body up against me. Almost as if echoing my thoughts, Nancy, lying on her side facing away from me, scooted over until she was up against me. She reached back and patted me on the thigh then relaxed. Now I was doubly contented.

"Wake up!" I heard. I startled awake and looked around to see Nancy standing there in her sleep shirt with wet hair. Danni and Kathy were nowhere to be seen. My two-legged alarm clock grabbed the covers and flipped them off of me. "C'mon, get up. There's some places I wanna' take Kathy and it's past nine o'clock already."

"OK OK" I said "Where are they?"

"Still in the shower" She said as she got her hair dryer out. I turned to sit on the side of the bed then stood up. Nancy looked at me in the mirror and said "Nice hair!" I walked over and took a look and she was right. Though my hair was fairly short, it was all askew, poking out in places, flattened out in places.

"The only way I can fix that is to go get it wet." I said.

She said "Well go on in there and get it wet - there's sinks, toilets, and showers. Take your pick, Hut."

"I wanna' talk to you, Nancy" I said "While they're gone."

"What, little brother, what's on your mind?" She asked.

I looked her in the eyes and said "What do you think?"

"You're not gonna' go makin' this more complicated than it has to be, are you, Hut?" She asked.

"Damn, Nancy, I just screwed my cousin - twice!" I blurted out.

"I know" She said "What about it? Look, Hut. We're just talking about having a little fun, a little fun with someone we are very close to."

"Yeah, close is a nice way to put it." I returned.

"You know what I mean. We've both been in love with you since we were seven or eight, you were five or six. We dreamed of this day."

"Yeah, but we're old enough to know better now." I countered.

She shotgunned me with "Know what better? Know that sex is wonderful? That it's fun? That it brings us closer than ever? That it doesn't have to hurt anyone? That we can just enjoy each other's body without a problem if we want to?"

I was standing there naked and felt my head start to spin. Stepping back, I found the bed and sat down on it with my elbows on my knees, head in my hands. I was rubbing my head when I heard the door open and Danni and Kathy came in chattering away.

I heard Kathy say "Danni understands now, Nancy"

I asked "Understands what?"

Danni said "I understand how close your sister and cousin feel to you and how much they love you, Hut. You're probably a lucky guy, Hut."

"Yeah, lucky." I repeated, not so sure I believed it.

Kathy crossed over to me and took my head and pulled it against her naked stomach. "It's OK, Hut. It's OK. I thought a guy would just enjoy getting laid. I didn't think you get all upset about it."

"Maybe I'm not just any guy."

"I know you're not. I wouldn't feel the way I do about you if I thought that you were just another arrogant, horny guy out to get laid and not giving a damn about how he did it."

She pulled my head from her stomach, tipped my face up to her and kissed me on the nose. "It's OK, Hut. You know you enjoyed every minute of it. I did, too. Actually it was the best fucks I ever had and it being with you made it the best."

I was still feeling like I was in a fog, like I couldn't touch the ground but began to see that maybe she was right. Maybe it wasn't so bad to love your cousin and be loved back and enjoy each other's body to the fullest. Or maybe I was a sick, demented fuck to even think that way. I just couldn't sort it out.

"Well, we gotta' get dressed and get going, girls." Nancy told them.

Danni shed her robe and stood there naked as she fished out her clean clothes. Kathy already was naked and began digging in her bag for something to wear. Nancy, always organized, had already laid her clothes out and had to only shuck out of her sleep shirt and slip into the clean stuff she had so neatly placed on the bed. Before she did, she hugged my neck, pulling my head to her abdomen high up under her breasts. My face was turned to my right as she squeezed me close and her left tit was literally in my eyes. I tipped my head back and kissed it then said "I'm OK, Nancy. I'm OK. You guys just caught me completely off guard on this trip."

"Well, we didn't think you'd be willing to come over here if we told you 'Hey, come over and see us. We want to fuck you.' So it had to be a surprise." She said.

"We?" I asked.

"You don't think I'm gonna' let Kathy be the only one to complete our fantasy, do you?" She asked.

"So this was the plan all along? Kathy planned to be here all along? Why did you go on about no hanky panky that first night?" I asked.

"What is this - twenty questions? Yeah. It was our plan. Yeah, Kathy planned to be here. I said that because I wanted to see how you'd react. How you'd behave. And when I found out Danni was gonna' stay, I had to feel her out about it to see how she'd react." She explained.

Danni piped up "Yeah, when I think back on that it seems pretty funny now. Nancy was on a real fishing expedition. I was so naive but now I understand."

"Now, get dressed, Hut." Nancy ordered.

Without bothering with underwear, I pulled on my jeans, my T-shirt, shoes, and jacket and asked Nancy if she'd allow me enough time to go brush my teeth and take a leak. She answered "I really wish you would."

So I took care of business in the bathroom and by the time I returned to the room they were all ready to move out. I was dragged around to various chick things most of the day until we ended up back at the off campus tavern for something to eat and drink around 4:30. Just before we ordered, Nancy told me "Let's go park the car on campus and walk back so we don't have to worry about our drinking."

I said "OK" and got up to follow her out the door. We drove back to campus and parked in front of their dorm then started walking back to the tavern.

As we walked, Nancy pulled my right arm around her shoulders and snuggled in close to me. When she leaned her head in close to me and I leaned my face over close to her hair, I could still smell whatever she used when she washed it that morning. I kind of rubbed my nose in the hair on top of her head and she asked me "Did you just wipe your nose on my hair?"

I said "No, I was just smelling it. I can still smell whatever it was you washed it with this morning. It smells nice."

"I was just kidding, baby brother. Do you remember when you used to pretend you were wiping your nose on Lynette, Kathy, and me? You'd do that then we'd chase after you until we caught you, knock you down, and pummel you into surrender. Remember that?" She asked.

"Yeah, I do. Now that you remind me, I remember that was one of my favorite things to do because when I let you catch me at least one of you would sit on me to hold me down for the others. That was fun." I replied.

Feigning shock she said "Why you little pervert. You liked us sitting on you, didn't you?"

I told her "Yeah, especially after Lynette started growing boobs. I always tried to arrange it so she caught me first. I loved being face up under her sitting on my stomach, leaning over me to hold my arms out. Her boobs were right in my face when she did that."

"Why you were a dirty little boy, weren't you?" She said. "I never realized how filthy you were."

"Yeah, like you didn't like doing it to me, too. I remember when Lynette outgrew chasing her little brother that you didn't mind rubbing your tits in my face when you had me on the ground. And you started growing'em when I was only eight and you were ten or something like that." I replied.

She acted indignent and insisted "I never did that on purpose."

I just said "Bullshit. You did and you know it."

"Well maybe a little bit." She admitted.

"That's a lie." I held my ground.

"Well, OK." She finally admitted. "It was kinda' fun at the time. It's even more fun now, you know?"

"No way you can call me a perv, Sis." I said.

"OK, baby bro." And with that she turned to face me, stopping us dead on the sidewalk. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled us together for a long, probing kiss. I kissed her back and felt my penis engorging in my jeans. It was caught at the top of my left leg and I had to move my leg a bit to let it go. Nancy looked at me bemused. "I still can't understand how guys walk around with that thing between their legs" finishing with a laugh. We continued our walk to the tavern. When we got there, my erection in my jeans, with no underwear on, was very obvious.

As we approached the booth, Kathy saw my erection and asked "Well, what were you two up to?"

"Just walking back, Kathy, when Nancy thought it was critical that she examine my tonsils with her tongue." I answered.

"Kathy, Hut told me he used to enjoy it when we chased him down and beat him up." Nancy said.

I said "No tell her the part I really said I liked."

"Well OK, he says he liked the part where one of us held him down and had our boobs in his face." Nancy said.

"I had no idea," Kathy responded "but a couple of times when I was sitting on him I could've sworn he got a hard on."

"OK, OK, that's enough about my pre-puberty adventures of the flesh." I said. "I need a beer!"

Danni said "Nancy we ran into that Steve, I can't remember his last name, who plays trumpet in that jazz band. They're playing tonight over at the Jazz Spot and Kathy and I want to go. You coming with us?"

Nancy thought for a moment then said "No. I'm kinda' tired. These two kept waking me up last night and I didn't get enough sleep. I think I'll pass on the music. I just wanna' get something to eat then head back."

"Do you want to go with them, Hut?" she asked.

I thought briefly and said "No. I don't think so."

We had a few beers, ate some greasy tavern food and were done by about seven o'clock or so. Danni said "I think Steve said his band was gonna' play at eight. I think we better get going, Kathy, if we want decent seats."

Kathy said "I'm right behind you. Hey you two, don't do anything I wouldn't do." As they got up, went and paid their bill and headed out into the cold evening air.

Nancy said "That leaves a pretty wide range of options."

I wasn't really listening and said "What?"

Nancy repeated "She said not to do anything she wouldn't do. That leaves us a wide variety of things that we can do."

"Yeah, I guess so." I agreed.

Nancy said "Walk me back to my room, please baby brother."

I got up from the bench, bowed low, and said "Your wish is my command, my darling."

She said "I'll remember that."

I paid our bill and we ducked out into the cold air to walk back to the dorm. Nancy basically crawled inside my unzipped jacket and said "You feel warm."

I said "It's the beer and grease." We walked back the rest of the way in silence, two people leaning on each other, two people caring for and about each other. Back at the dorm entrance I made a big show of opening the outer door with my borrowed key and bowing to her as I pulled the door back for her to pass. "After you, princess." I said.

"Yeah, right" Was all she said as she walked throught the door. I followed her up the stairs then to her room where she pulled out her key and opened the door. As she tossed her jacket on the bed she said "Let's get a shower, Hut."

I said "Fine with me. The hot water will feel good after that cold walk." And I began to get out of my clothes which, since all I had on were jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers took me all of about forty-five seconds.

Nancy took one look at my cold shriveled penis and scrotum and started laughing. I said "No fair!" and covered myself with my hands. "The hot shower will take care of that!" Meanwhile, Nancy had stripped all her clothes off and was wiggling into her sleep shirt. I stopped her by reaching out and grabbing her breasts from behind.

She jumped and said "Damn, your hands are cold! Don't touch me again until you get'em warmed up, and I mean a bunch." I put on my best pouty look and she said "C'mon little boy. Let's hit the showers" and led the way out of the room and down the hall. In the bathroom, I dropped my towel on the bench and headed into the shower room. On with the hot water and count off the time it takes to get there. Once it got hot I added in enough cold to take the burn out of it and turned on a second adjacent shower.

I saw Nancy at the doorway as she pulled her sleep shirt off over her head and dropped it on the bench along side the towels. She sauntered over to the shower unit where I was enjoying the hot water cascading over my head and down my body. From behind me, she reached around and cupped my penis and scrotum in both hands. "Are they getting better?" She asked.

I said "Feels like they're loosening up a little bit. It may take a few minutes to convince them it's safe to come out."

I took the soap and washcloth from Nancy and worked up a good lather on the washcloth before saying "Here, come her and I'll wash your back." Nancy made a show of strutting the two steps over to me and turning around, her hand pausing on my penis as she turned. I started scrubbing around the back of her neck and top of her shoulders, working my way carefully down her back to her butt where I spent a few minutes, scrubbing with the washcloth while massaging with my bare hand, it sliding effortlessly around on her soap slicked skin. I stooped down and scrubbed both legs down to her feet and said "Give me your foot." She held on the the shelf and lifted her left foot, extending it back to me behind her. I washed it well, causing her to wiggle around a bit from the ticklish nature of it. "Other foot" I said and she switched feet so I could give her right foot all the attention I'd lavished on her left one. When I was done, I stood up as she put her foot down. I reached around her from the back with both hands and pulled her close to me.

My rapidly engorging penis was in her butt crack and she said "It feels like it's loosened up quite a bit.'

"Scrubbing a beautiful woman's body tends to do that, you know." I answered.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?" She asked as she turned around in my arms.

"With your boobs squashed up on my chest, what do you think I'm gonna' say. That's probably bribing the judge, you know." I said. "But yes, I'd consider you beautiful. I think all the women in my family are beautiful - must be good genes or something."

"You're sweet, for a nasty little brother." She said. "Are gonna' finish washing me or do I have to do it?"

I said "Hold on for more soap" as I lathered up the washcloth again. As soon as I had a lather worked up I began from the top again, washing the front of her body. Her breasts drew my attention for a few minutes as I gently washed over, under, and around them, moving them about at will until her nipples were very erect under my fingertips. Then I worked my way down to wash between her legs, lingering on her pussy for a long but gentle scrubbing. Working my fingers repeatedly through her dark pubic hair I made a little horn of hair with the lather. I said "Look, you've grown a penis!"

She looked down and laughed "Not a very big one" she said. I'd already washed her legs completely so I began to work my way back up her. She said "OK, I'm clean, I think. Now it's your turn" and with that she took the washcloth from me to soap it up once again. Once she was satisfied that there was enough lather boiling off of the washcloth, she began washing my neck all around, then my chest and my back, turning me with a firm hand on my hip. On my back her scrubbing felt more like a massage than a scrubbing. I felt like I was gonna' melt. She carefully washed my erect penis and scrotum, spending way more time there than I ever did. Then turned me around, washed my butt and then she began on my legs working down and around to my feet where she scrubbed each foot and each toe with a deliberate attack on each. She stood up and put the washcloth on the shelf and hugged me again, pulling her soapy body against mine.

Our skin was hot and slippery against each other in embrace as we stood there in the shower just holding each other. I softly separated us and turned toward the shower to rinse off. I pulled Nancy under the spray and began to rub her all over with my hands to make sure the soap rinsed off. When her skin was squeaky clean, she was facing away from the spray and, standing in front of her, I ran my hands up and down each side of her body from shoulder to hip several times then began kissing her on her neck. She leaned into my kisses like a cat leans into a scratching on the side of its face. I began working my way down, leaving a trail of invisible wet kisses on her as I moved south. A momentary pause at her beautiful, hanging breasts to suck each nipple a suitable amount of time before continuing south, working my face in under one of her breasts to feel it lying on the the side of my face as I kissed her there. After a momentary stop I continued south to her navel, where I checked it with my tongue. When I moved to the top of her pubic hair I was stooped almost all the way down and couldn't go much lower in that position.

So I sat down on the shower floor and craned my neck up to continue working my way down, through her substantial bush to the prize I sought. Nancy bowed her legs some and was standing over me as I held on to her butt to keep from falling over backwards. Finding her pussy with my lips and tongue, I lapped at it like a thirsty dog laps at water. Working as deep as I could reach then circling the lips before probing back as deeply as I could. Nancy was squatting down lower and lower, pressing herself into my mouth and chin until she pushed me back onto the floor and sat on my upper chest to grind her pussy into my mouth and chin. Now I was able to reach up and hold a soft, sizeable breast in each hand, working the nipples gently with my fingertips as I continued to work her pussy with my tongue. As Nancy rocked her hips I continued

Nancy began murmuring then trembling with gasping breaths until her orgasm subsided. I had slowed my tongue down to moving in soft slow sweeps while simply holding each breast in a hand. She scooted down my body until she collapsed on top of me, face to face. She had a very strange smile on her face as she croaked out "Damn, where did you learn how to do that so damn good, baby brother?"

I said "Remember Jeannie Miller - I dated her in eleventh grade. She wouldn't fuck my dick but she sure enjoyed fucking my face. I guess I got a pretty fair amount of practice on her."

"Why that little slut. She always acted so prim and proper." Nancy said "What did the little prude slut do for you in return?"

"She jacked me off on a pretty regular basis." I said "So it was a pretty fair exchange, I guess."

"No simple jack matches what you just gave me. No way." She said "Let's get back to the room and I'll show you what I think is a fair trade."

She struggled to her feet and held out her hand for me. I managed to get up without pulling her over. We quickly dried, collected our stuff and headed back to the room. Nancy didn't bother pulling her sleep shirt on for the walk back. Once in the room, I hung up my towel before Nancy pushed me over to and onto the bed on my back. She began kising me, all over my face, chest, and abdomen before getting most of my penis in her mouth. Up and down on it she went. My hips were beginning to move involuntarily to meet her motion. I felt like I was going to cum but I didn't want to yet. I pulled her face to face with me and pulled her mouth to mine. Our tongues took turns exploring each other's mouth as deeply as they could reach. My hands were all over her back, lightly strokely up and down her spine then squeezing her butt before continuing the light caresses up and down her back. As we continued to kiss deeply, Nancy began to move her hips. She reached down with one hand and held my penis up so it could spear her pussy as she sat on it. She broke the kiss off and pushed herself up to sit up straight on my hips. She began to move in a front to back rocking motion, faster and faster, the movement causing her breasts to swing back and forth.

I said "I always loved your tits. They're so beautiful." As I reached up to hold them in my hands. She continued rocking, moving even faster until I could stand it no longer and came. When I came she began shuddering and trembling before laying down on my chest while some slight spasms still shook her.

I softly told her "I love you, Nancy."

She replied "I love you, Hut."

I asked "Now that both you and Kathy have fulfilled your childhood dream to fuck your brother or, in her case, her cousin until he couldn't see straight, does that mean you'll now throw me away like a piece of used Kleenex?"

Nancy moved her hips slightly on me and said "You're not getting off that easy, Hut. I mean it was a good fuck - I see what Kathy was talking about, but I don't see any need to toss you away, as you say. I think you'll come in handy so maybe I'll keep you close by." With that, she reached down to where she had tossed her sleep shirt, pulled it to her, and stuffed it between her legs as she eased off of me and laid beside me on the bed.

"You won't be wearing that for a while, I guess." I observed.

"No, not till it's had a pass through the washer." She replied.

We were asleep when Kathy and Danni crept in quietly trying to not wake us but I did wake up. We were still lying naked on top of the covers, Nancy's leg across me just below my hips.

Kathy took a look at us and asked softly "Did you two have a good time tonight" with a wry look on her face.

Without moving, Nancy murmured a soft "Uh huh" by way of answer. I laid there with my eyes closed running my fingertips softly up and down Nancy's back as Kathy and Danni quietly moved about and in and out of the room getting ready for bed.

When Kathy climbed naked onto the bed, she tried to pull the covers down, but of course with the two of use lying on top of them it was a no go. Kathy said "I hate to bother you two, but I need to get under the covers."

I gently shook Nancy awake and told her "We need to get under the covers." It didn't look like she actually woke up, but she crawled off of me to stand next to the bed and I rolled over and off also. Kathy flipped the covers back and scooted under them.

"Well, come on" she said.

I climbed back in followed by Nancy who immediately resumed her position up against me, arm across my chest, head on my arm, and her leg across me at the hips. I think she fell back immediately to sleep. Kathy scooted over on the other side, facing away from me with her back up against my side. I worked my arm under her head so that I could actually reach her tits and softly stroked them with my fingertips as Kathy and I drifted off asleep in the dark room. I didn't even hear or feel Danni crawl in bed over on the far side.

When I woke up in the morning, I was lying on my right side facing Kathy with my arm around her. She was facing me, her body just a few scant inches away from mine. I gently pulled her toward me and she scooted over until we were against each other from head to foot, our legs intertwined. Nancy was on my other side, facing away from me, her butt up against my side with her upper body angled slightly away from me.

As I laid there, warmly ensconced between my sister and cousin, I wondered at the situation. Was incest such as ours between mutually consenting adults bad? I knew it was very bad in most folks eyes, but was it really bad? Was it worse than a casual one night stand with someone you met at a bar? Or was it better? At least in our case there was love, deep love grown over our whole lives involved rather than just a physical fucking without love or caring. That seemed like it made it better than a one night stand with a stranger.

Kathy began to wake and stir around a bit. I kissed her on her forehead and she kind of jumped upright. "I need to pee" she said as she almost leapt out of the bed, leaving the covers half down the bed.

Danni sat up and said "What?"

I just told her Kathy had to make a bathroom run and I was right behind her as I climbed out of bed and headed for the door. As I pushed my way through the bathroom door, Kathy was just coming out of a stall and heading for the sinks on the other side. I relieved myself then headed over there, too. She was leaned over the sink splashing water on her face. When she saw me washing my hands at the sink next to her she turned her head and said "I bet you and Nancy had a much better time than I did last night plus you don't have a hangover. I feel like I've been hit by a tractor a couple of times."

I suggested that she drink some water and try a hot shower since it always seemed to work for me. She asked "Would you mind getting my towel, washcloth, and soap and stuff?"

I told her "No problem" and headed for the door. Back to the room I went and found Danni and Nancy waking up. Danni was sitting up, naked, covered only to her knees with the sheet. She made no move to cover up or anything. Nancy was still lying down but her eyes were open and she was looking around as I came in. I got Kathy's towel and stuff, grabbed one for me, and headed back out. Back in the bathroom I heard the shower running so I looped around to the shower room, dropped the towels on the bench and headed in. Kathy was standing under the spray from a shower head with steam billowing from it. I handed Kathy her washcloth, soap and a bottle of shampoo I'd grabbed off the dresser and then turned on a shower head, adjusted the temperature to something just this side of scalding, and ducked into the spray. "Can I use your soap?" I asked.

"Sure, go ahead."

I began to soap myself up as I asked "Do you think what we've been doing is OK?"

"What, cousin? Fucking each other blind?"

"Well, yeah, that's one way of putting it, I guess."

"Are you OK with it?" She asked?

"Yes, I guess so, yes, I guess I am." I replied. "It just seems a bit bizarre."

"It's not bizarre to enjoy each others' company, enjoy each others' bodies, have a fun time. We're not hurting anyone else, Hut. Just think of it as a very enjoyable play time."

"OK, I'll do that."

That day was spent touring antique malls and such until we ended up back at the usual tavern just off campus after parking the car back at the dorm and putting the girls' several discovered "treasures" up in their dorm room. We had a few beers and some dinner there before heading back to the room. On the way, the three girls were walking in a cluster of giggling and talking with me following along just behind them. Watching Nancy and Kathy walking and talking just ahead of me, my shyness about it washed away, I was feeling a strong desire to fuck them. There was no thought at all as to their being my sister and cousin, just raw animal desire to copulate.

Back in the dorm the girls dug their purchases out of the bags and began chattering about them. Danni had purchased a light colored sun dress with a large floral pattern from one of the thrift stores we browsed through and was anxious to model it for us. She peeled off her sweat shirt, jeans, and underpants, slipped into the dress over her head, and worked it into place. The front and back were both cut fairly low and the narrow shoulder straps sat nicely on her shoulders. With nothing on under the dress Danni's triangle of dark pubic was faintly visible whenever the front of the dress was near her body. Without a bra, her breasts were obviously moving around freely behind the top of it. When she bent over she asked "How's this?" With the front of the dress hanging slightly away from her body her breasts were clearly visible, hanging slightly away from her body. I felt myself engorging.

Nancy laughed and told Danni "Nice view. You'll be popular out in the quad in the spring with that look."

Danni laughed and then turned her side to us. With the way the sides of the dress were cut under her arms, it was fairly obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra, particulary when she pushed the left shoulder strap off her shoulder and let the dress hang lower on that side. The top of the dress barely concealed her left nipple. Then she said "How about this?" as she pushed the right strap off her shoulder and let the entire dress hang lower. With both straps around her upper arms the dress top slipped low enough to show both nipples, or at least a good portion of both. "Too much?" Danni asked.

Kathy said "Yeah, probably" as she chuckled. She continued "Where's that top I bought" as she rummaged in the sacks. She pulled out a white top, unbuttoned it, pulled her sweatshirt off over her head, put the top on and buttoned it up. The top was thin enough that her dark nipples showed clearly through the fabric. She first buttoned it all the way to the neck and moved around in it, showing it off like a model. Her breasts skittered around behind the cloth as she moved and I had to shift around a bit to set my engorging penis free to come up in my jeans. Kathy said "Too many buttons" and began undoing them from the top as she looked at herself in the mirror. When she'd unbuttoned two she turned around and said "How's that?"

I said "A couple more."

Nancy said "The male perspective, of course" making Danni and Kathy laugh. With two more buttons undone the shirt was open to well below the top of her breasts.

Moving around a bit, she gave a nice show but said "Maybe another one" as she undid another button. Now there were only two buttons still doing their job and the blouse gaped open down to her upper abdomen. She asked "Hut, how's this?" and she moved around causing first one breast and then the other to be exposed in the gap as they swung slightly and the blouse shifted around.

I said "Yeah, that's the look" causing them all to laugh.

Kathy walked over to me, slouching on the foot of the bed and pushed me back and grabbed my crotch with her hand. She announced "Yeah, he's hard. I guess that look works pretty well" and all three of them roared in laughter.

Nancy said "It's much better to get the male perspective when you're trying on clothes, isn't it?" and they all laughed some more.

I stood up and said "I'm done, heading for the showers" as I pulled my T-shirt off over my head and undid my jeans. As I pulled them down and my full erection came free of them they all chuckled at me but I ignored them, got my towel and soap and headed out the door. In the shower room, I turned on one of the heads and waited for the hot water to arrive. When the water heated up I adjusted it then stepped under the spray. I was standing there under the spray, letting the hot water cascade over me from my head on down when I heard them chattering as they came into the showers. They turned on the unit's other three shower heads and quickly adjusted the temp to suit them and stepped into the spray.

I started to lather up my hair with my bar soap when Danni said "What did I tell you about using that on your hair?" She came around to me and shoved my head under the spray to rinse it out. Squirting some shampoo in her hand she began to work a lather up in my hair. Watching ber breasts move in concert with her arms reaching up ensured that I was as hard as possible. She put one hand on my shoulder and pulled me to turn me around then was working the lather up on the back and top of my head.

Nancy looked at my erection and said "You've got more than the lather worked up there, Danni." Danni kind of peeked around me and looked down at my fully engorged penis.

She said "Like that takes any doing." They all three laughed. I felt Danni's hands move off of my head and onto my shoulders as she slid them down. Past my shoulders she reached around to my chest with her suds slicked hands andslid them downward. By now her chest was up against my back as she reached lower and said "This hair needs washing, too." With the suds on her hands she worked up some lather in my pubic hair to chuckles from Nancy and Kathy. She stopped working the hair and then had my scrotum in one slippery hand and my penis in the other as she began to massage them both. Switching from a general massaging to a definite pumping action she began to jack me in a concerted way. I could feel her chest moving up and down and around on my back as she did so and that only heightened my pleasure. Both Nancy and Kathy had stopped what the were doing and were watching. Nancy came over to my side of the shower unit and, pressed up against my side, reached up with her arm and pulled my face to hers for a kiss. With our tongues probing each other as deeply as possible I felt my excitement level rising quickly until I could feel my scrotum drawing up just before my penis pulsated and I came. Danni slowed her pumping action to just a gentle movement before rubbing the head of it with her other hand and then standing up.

Danni moved back to her own shower head as Nancy and I broke off the kiss. Nancy patted me on the butt and she stepped around to her shower leaving me standing there with a fading erection but a very satisfied feelng. I turned toward my shower and began rinsing my hair out. When I'd cleared the shampoo and opened my eyes I saw Danni under her shower with her washcloth in left hand on her right breast and her right hand down between her legs. Her eyes were closed as she gently and obviously masturbated right there under the hot water. I continued to wash up, watching her out of the corner of my eye until I saw her begin to tremble and, with a quiet little murmer, reach orgasm there in the shower with us. Both her hands slowed their movements until the were still then she opened her eyes and as they rolled back a little she let out an audible sigh. Nancy said "All better, Danni?" Until then, as I watched Danni masturbating, I'd forgotten all about Nancy and Kathy.

Danni replied quietly and simply "Oh yeah."

Kathy and Danni finished up before Nancy and I and headed over to their towels, dried off, and left the bathroom. With just Nancy and me left in the shower room I told her "I was kinda' surprised by that from Danni."

Nancy told me "She's had sex with only one guy from high school - a jock - who's idea of making love was to put on a condom, shove it in her for about ninety seconds, and then get off without a thought to her pleasure. Plus she's not on the pill or anything."

I said "Oh, that's too bad."

Nancy continued "So she's not gonna' want any guy sticking his dick in her but she had an interesting reaction when when Kathy and I were talking."

"About what?" I asked.

"About our fun in the shower. Kathy remembers that Jeannie Miller and she thought it was pretty funny about her not wanting to fuck your dick but loving to fuck your face." she said.

"Damn, you guys talk about everything. What do you mean by an interesting reaction?"

"Just a funny look like she was embarrassed by it a little at first and then real interested in it. Since she hasn't had any experience with a guy that puts the girl first, I think she must've thought it sounded real nice." Nancy said. "Maybe you could show her what it could be like to be with a nice guy instead of a jerk."

"Are you telling me to eat her, too?" I asked.

"No, I'm not telling you anything. I just think she might really enjoy it."

"I just don't want her to think that I was trying to do something she didn't want me to do."

"Oh, trust me. I don't think she'd mind at all. She was really intrigued when I was telling Kathy about how deep my orgasm was." Nancy said.

I said "OK, I'll take that under advisement. She's real nice - I'd love to make her feel good."

We finished up in the shower and headed back to the room after drying off and brushing our teeth. Back in the room, Danni and Kathy had finished drying their hair and were getting into bed. Kathy was nude while Danni had her robe on. Before she climbed into bed, Danni removed her robe and dropped it on the floor by the bed. She was naked underneath. She scooted under the covers and rolled over onto her side, facing the side of the bed away from Kathy. Nancy began to brush out her wet hair and I climbed into bed toward the middle, next to Kathy. When Nancy finished with her hair she came over to the bed and began to crawl in under the covers next to me. She scooted up against me and arranged her breasts as they squashed themselves up against me. Without any attempt to be furtive about it, she sat up part way hanging her breasts right in my face as she reached down with her right hand to grasp my scrotum.

I said "I don't know if I'm up for that again right now."

She said "We'll see about that" as she moved around to cause her breasts to hit my face and drag across it from side to side. I reached up and guided a breast to my mouth and began to suckle it like a baby. She began to stroke my penis and it responded to her touch by engorging slightly. I switched to the other breast and as I was licking the nipple I saw that Kathy was lying on her side facing us, unabashedly watching us. I rolled over onto my side, forcing Nancy onto her back and began licking and kissing her breasts. Each nipple got its own suckling repeatedly as I moved around, trying not to miss any part of her chest. I slowly worked my way down her body, scooting my own toward the foot of the bed until my face was in her muff. Rubbing my face in it I enhaled the fresh smell of just washed woman then moved down further to attack her pussy with my tongue and lips. She rocked her hips up to press against my chin as I worked my tongue, probing as deeply as I could then licking around the lips.

Supporting myself on my elbows under her thighs I reached up around her legs to take a breast in each hand, lifting them from where they hung slightly toward and off the sides of her chest and massaging them gently as I continued with my tongue. Nancy began to rock her hips up an down as her level of arousal climbed higher and higher. She began to breathe faster, more like a pant as a trembling began to shake her body while I continued to tongue her and massage her breasts. She rolled her hips up into my face harder than before and the trembling overtook her as she moaned and rubbed my head with her hands. When her trembling subsided I crawled up next to her on the side away from Kathy and kissed her on the cheek as I gently held her left breast with my right hand. Nancy laid there for a few moments before raising up and pushing me over onto my back. I quickly turned back on my side toward her and pushed her onto her back then moved on top of her, working my knees in between her thighs. She wrapped her legs around my back as I leaned over her, supporting my upper body on my elbows and suckling first one breast and then the other. I looked over and saw that Kathy was still watching us but she had one hand on a breast and the other between her legs working on herself. Nancy reached up and pulled my head up until she could kiss me, probing my mouth with her tongue. I probed back while she reached down, took my penis in one hand and guided it toward her pussy. I followed her lead and pushed gently into her. As we continued to kiss our hips moved slowly in time with each other as we thrust together and became like one. I wrapped my arms behind and around her neck and held her as closely as possible while she was holding me captive with her legs wrapped around my back, squeezing me to her. We continued on slowly, gently enjoying the consummate pleasure of the moment until I felt myself about to come. I increased the speed of my thrusts for only a few, meeting her thrusts with more energy until my orgasm swept over me. My entire body trembled on top of her and I couldn't hold in my quiet moan of release stifled by Nancy's mouth on mine and her tongue in my mouth. I stopped and laid still on top of her, supporting my weight on my knees and elbows while Nancy moved her hips gently against me. We continued our unbroken kiss for several moments longer before Nancy pushed me to roll off of her toward the middle of the bed, away from Kathy.

Kathy began to protest but Nancy touched her own lips with her index finger then touched it to Kathy's lips in a silent order to shush up. She sat up to pull the covers up over all three of us and laid back down. I felt totally spent and used up but very content as I drifted off to sleep with my arm across Nancy's body.

I woke up suddenly in nearly total darkness and realized that Nancy was licking my ear and whispering "Hut" ever so quietly. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I could see her outline as she gently pushed my shoulder toward Danni across the bed.

Nancy pushed on my shoulder gently but with some insistance. I whispered "What am I supposed to do? Crawl over there and assault a sleeping girl?"

Nancy whispered back "Just touch her gently and see what happens. You can do it." and then she pushed my shoulder again. I crept over the several feet to where Danni lay on her stomach and wondered what to do. I tried caressing her back with my fingertips using as light a touch as I was capable of. Letting my fingers softly move from shoulder to her butt and thighs and back again repeatedly and I was rewarded with a soft murmer and a little movement of her hips. I leaned up over her and softly kissed her on her back up between her shoulder blades and moved gently down her back kissing and caressing with my tongue as I went with my head down toward her feet. When I got to her butt I let my tongue flick in and out of her crack as I continued to work my way toward her legs. At the juncture of her thighs and butt I moved to her thighs, kissing and licking first one then the other and felt some more movement from Danni as her legs moved apart a little bit. I began to work my face and head between her thighs, licking and kissing as I went and felt her thighs move apart more. When I'd progressed as far as I could with lying on her stomach I reached with my right hand and gently pulled on her hip, trying to get her to roll toward me. She responded by rolling toward me so that she was on her right side, facing away from me and I was lying facing her head down on my left side with my head in between her thighs which had a pretty good grip on it. I moved my head a little and Danni raised her left leg, scooting her foot up to support holding her left thigh up away from her right thigh. I worked my way in between her legs nearer and nearer to my target as I licked and kissed the inside of her soft thighs. As my mouth reached her pussy I was reaching around in front of her with my right hand and gently worked my fingers through her pubic hair down to the front of her lips. I began to lick around the lips of her pussy while gently fingering her from the front, searching for her clit. As my fingers found it, I began probing with my tongue while gently working my thumb and index finger around her clit. I found it quite comfortable lying there using her right thigh as a pillow as I licked, kissed and sucked my way toward her clit.

As I neared her clit with my lips, I moved my right hand up to hold her left breast. It was almost a perfectly sized handful and I gently massaged it as I continued my assault on her pussy with my lips and tongue. When I reached her clit I began to alternately lick around it and suck on it until I felt Danni begin to move around, her hips in particular. The nipple (she had relatively large nipples considering the size of her breasts) on her left breast was erect and a hard as a stone between my finger and I gently worked my fingertips around and on it. As I was sucking on her clit she began to breathe faster and tremble under my touch. The spasms built to a crescendo before subsiding with a deep sigh. I felt her reach down to my head with her hand and then reach behind her to stroke my right side. Without removing my head from between her thighs, I worked my left arm under her right thigh and with my left hand on her right hip and my right hand on her left hip I prompted her to roll toward me as I scooted my feet up toward the head of the bed. She rolled onto me lying on her back with her head toward my feet. I put my hands behind her back to lift her toward a sitting position. She sat up and was sitting on my chest. I pulled her forward until my chin was back in her pussy. If she'd had sex previously only with a selfish lover, I wanted to show her what being the absolute center of attention could be like.

I figured with her on top, putting her in control, for a second round she could really enjoy it. I felt her hands on my head and she was running her fingers through my scant hair as I began to gently lick her again. After our previous session she was quite wet and I could feel her juices running down my chin and cheeks. I reached up to her with my hands and rubbed the inside of her thighs, her abdomen and bush, then her sides and back - touching everywhere repeatedly with long, soft strokes of my fingertips. She began to rock her hips on me and murmer softly as I alternately sucked on her clit, tongued around it, then swept the outer lips with my tongue. The rocking of her hips soon progressed to grinding her pussy into my mouth with no small amount of pressure. My lower jaw was beginning to tire markedly as I reached up and played with both breasts, sweeping my fingertips around them then softly squeezing her nipples.

She began to tremble and shake with louder moans until she came again and then slowed to a very slight rocking motion. I continued to gently tongue the lips of her pussy with sweeping movements until she began to move down toward my feet and lean over to me. I stopped her movement when her breasts were right at face level and pulled her down toward me so I could suckle each nipple. She broke free and continued to move down me until we were face to face and she was lying on my full length. With her elbows on the bed she wiped off my cheeks and chin with her hands and began to kiss me, her tongue dancing with mine in my mouth.

She broke off the kiss and whispered "God, I've never had anything like that. It was amazing."

I whispered back "I'm here to serve, madam."

She whispered "What about you? I'm not on the pill but I feel like you've been cheated since I had all the fun." She began to slide herself down my body but I stopped the movement with a hand under each of her arms and gently pulled her back face to face with me. I kissed her deeply again and she kissed back even harder.

When we broke the kiss I whispered "You don't owe me anything. I had about as much fun as you did." I rolled her off of me and began to turn around to put myself right way up in the bed and she followed my lead. As we lay down facing each other, I pulled her toward me in a complete head to toe embrace and kissed her once again. Though I was hard as a rock, I wanted to go to sleep and doing so with this beautiful girl up against me was just perfect.

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