A Night To Remember...Part 1

A Night To Remember...Part 1

It was a restless night, Cheap pay per view wrestling in which had all of us mad. My father was gone for Egypt for a year so in the house was just my mother, siter, and myself. The house was quiet after the show. I don't quite remember why but my sister and myself had been sleeping on the couch bed for a couple of nights in a row. I guess it was just easier jumping straight out of bed and heading to school downstairs then all of us sleeping in our rooms. Mom would sleep on the couch by the T.V. but we had the couch bed behind the Recliner seperating the dining room and living room. That night was an interesting adventure and def. A night to remember...

Mom decided to stay up and watch some more T.V. while my sister and I were laying down in bed dreading, Like always school the next morning. We tossed and turned hesitant to fall asleep. One of us would accidentally rub up against the other and the other would shove away, acting to be getting upset. Finally later in the night we settled down with less tossing and turning. Our legs closely to each other. My heart was pounding pretty hard as I wondered if she we shove away again if I made the move to touch her feet with mine so I decided to be brave and take the chance. Our feet rubbed against each other...Nothing, She sat perfectly still. A sense of accomplishment and victory rushed through my head as I turned over onto my left side and moved in closer to my sister, pretending to be asleep when suddenly she rolled over to hear right side, Our breath keeping each other warm as we quietly snuggled and cuddled with each other but without notice and attracting attention. Simple brother and sister comfort. No arms wrapping around each other and covered in the blankets.

A few minutes went by, My heart still pounding and our feel still wrapped up in each other. I slowly started moving my feet up and down against hers, trembling as I thought she would move away but still, a silent as a rock she just lay there. My heart started beating faster in my chest, My breaths increasing from the weird sensation I was getting from rubbing my feet against hers and I thought to myself this is fun. Suddenly her feet started to move against mine her breaths increases as did mine and we moved our faces in closer. the blanket barely revealing any of our faces to the outside world as our lips slowly touched one anothers. A soft kiss, They started as pecks silently our lips smacked against each other, feet still keeping each other warm. Our eyes open as we look each other in awe wondering what was going on. We continued slowly wrapping our arms around each other and opening our mouths now as we kissed. Softly twirling our tongues together as we shared our forbiddin kisses.

A few minutes passed as my sister and I made out on the couch behind where our mother was wide awake watching T.V. It were as if we were in stealth mode. Both extremely turned on, If it's possible for the ages in which we both were but we didn't mind and we continued. I started raising my feet now sliding them up and down her soft warm legs as we still wrapped our tongues around each others. Slowly my hand moves from around her sides and up her shirt, No resistance or hesitance at all she let me creep my hand up her bra revealing her young, soft breasts to my touch. She gasped and let out a slight moan as I massaged her nipples with my trembling finger tips. Slowly I raised her shirt and flipped up her bra allowing her breasts to sway freely under the sheets. I dove under the covers as what felt as if I were swimming in an oven from the heat our bodies had been putting off for that past 30 minutes. I started licking her nipples and she firmly puts her hand on my head making me aware of the pleasure she was receiving from my tongue.
The thought of me making my sister happy and turning her on made me want to continue so I start to lower my hand down her sides when suddenly she stops it brings it back up to our eye level and pulls my head back in for a kiss. The soft movement of our tongues rolling against each other was an amazing feeling. I feared we were going to be caught so I whisper softly in her ear of my attempt to check on our mother to make sure everything is clear. I poke my head out of the blanket and get halfway up to look over the chair, suddenly I feel my sisters hands pulling down my boxers and allowing my young hard cock to bounce out and roam freely under the sheet.s She started to glide her palms up and down my cock revealing to me a new feeling I have ever mentioned and it felt way to good to just stop. Her head disappeared under that blankets as she fake coughed and wiggled her way down the blanket suddenly my cock was wet and I had realized My dick was in my sisters mouth and it felt amazing.
The movement of the blanket bobbing up and down as my sister swallowed my cock plus the feeling of her tongue gliding on my cock was intensifying. She would suck on the head for a few second twirling her tongue around it and then shove it to the back of her throat causing her to slightly gag. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and kissed her way back up to my mouth laying back down on my side looking at me with a big smile with her lips all glossy and red from the friction of my dick and her lips. I was still very horny, fully erect and ready for more play so I took my hand pulled down her pajama pants and started rubbing her pussy from the outside of her underwear. The feeling was too much for her to handle as she pulled the blanket up to her mouth and bit down on it to keep her from moaning. I rubbed in a circular motion along her clit making her body twitch as I came across her spot. I had enough of the panties so I took them off, slowly pulling them down her soft elegant legs and revealing to me the one thing no brother should ever see, My sisters wet tight pussy.
I didn't hesitate and instantly thrusted a finger deep in her twat causing her to let out a very light moan. She looked at me with the most beautiful eyes making me aware of the satisfaction she was getting. I pulled my finger slight out and back in again repeatedly. She got so wet the sheets were starting to dampen. I pulled my finger out and took my turn. My head sneaking under the covers kissing every inch of her body as I worked my way in between her legs. My mouth go wet as I finally reached her young cunt. Her clit in my mouth as I sucked on it and slid a finger back in her and sneaking my other hand to her butt, rubbing her hole as my tongue and finger stay busy in the front. She started to breath very heavily, her body rocking up and down as my tongue went in and out of her. Suddenly she gasps and her pussy covers my face with her fluids.
I come back up, fluids still in my mouth and begin making out with her again, both enjoying the taste of her young twat juices flowing through our mouths. Her hand reaches down the blanket again as she turns away from me and pops her hips allowing her ass to touch my dick. I hear her mumble something as she pulls my cock closer to her ass. Finally I realized she was telling me to stick it in her ass. I slowly trust myself into her making her quiver as her hole stretches to the size of my dick. She begins to rub herself again as I work her from the back trusting in deeply and pulling back out. I go faster making her bite down on her finger and then suddenly I get the feeling of completion so I whisper to her..Sis, I'm gonna cum. She jumps pulls me out of her and sticks my cock back in her warm mouth to finish me off. I cum in her mouth and after it's done she looks back at me wish a smile as I watch her throat expand allowing my fluids to glide down her throat.
It was getting late, Our mother passed out on the couch as we lay in each others arms knowing what we just done and had no regrets her pussy still up against my leg and we both get up and decide to get dressed. The rest of the night was back to normal...We were just brother and sister.

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