Yes Sir, I'll do whatever you want Part 5; My boyfriends father

Yes Sir, I'll do whatever you want Part 5; My boyfriends father

Chapter 6; I Seduced My Boyfriend’s Father.
How do you dress to seduce your boyfriend’s father? I thought to myself while getting ready that morning in my new fancy apartment Gene furnished for me in celebration of my decision to “stay on”. What was I thinking? Well, I was doing two of my favorite things in the whole world, making an obscene amount of money, much more than I was promised, and fucking obscenely! I was definitely becoming a hardcore slut. He was pimping me out practically.
I set up all the video equipment and everything was ready. Gene was watching one of the video feeds upstairs. We made the office extra cold so I would look, uh, perky. It worked. My body was all goose-bumpy and making my tits stood proudly at attention. I still wasn’t sure how I was going to make the bastard weak with desire but I had some tricks up my sleeve. I tried to imagine I hated him.
I had always known that my boyfriend’s father was a pervert and liked younger women. I caught him staring at my ass a few times when we left family functions. His wife was fat and she didn’t seem to be feeling him anymore. He was decently attractive in that older business man sort of way. I bet he was a freak like his son, I giggled to myself daring to put my feet up on Mr. Lamar’s desk while I waited for my prey. The knock came.
“Come in!”I yelled nervously.
“Well, Hello.”He entered, carefully examining the atmosphere. I shifted my position slowly lifting my legs down from the desk, showing my flexibility. He noticed.
“Hello, How are you?”I answered sweetly.
“I haven’t seen your pretty face since last year.”He said smiling.
“I know! It’s been awhile” I answered affectionately. He looked very handsome as if he had tried to make himself look extra good today. I could smell the strong, musky cologne wafting through the room muting my light fragrance. Forty isn’t that old I started to think to myself and he kept himself in great shape. “Your looking handsome today.”
He seemed almost embarrassed as he smiled, shaking his head while I openly flirted with him.
“So I hear I’m supposed to help your big boss with some kind of unusual investment project? Some sort of life or death of your career situation where I’m supposed to make you look good by accepting it? Well, you know what Gina, I have always adored you for making my son so happy,” I practically burst out laughing thinking how I make his son so happy, his son was more of a freak than I was. I did enjoy fucking him into submission, often. He continued saying “and anything to help you, I would be more than willing to do.” This is going to be easier than I thought, I almost said.
I stood from my chair. “Your quite sure sir?” I said as if charming the snake right out of his pants. He stared at my perky tits forcing my nipples very visibly to the front of my blouse. An expression of confusion came over his face as I walked to the side of his chair. My shadow fell over his body as I reached over him seductively to handle the remote on Mr. Lamar’s desk.
“We want you to invest in a movie project. Its sort of a stretch for this office but it came out successfully and we think it’s worth your time. Sort of a…..documentary.”
“Oh…..”He said excitedly, not sure what to say or what I really meant.
I flicked on the T.V. where my loud sex sounds permeated the room. His mouth presently dropped as I cried out to be fucked mercilessly by Gene’s rock hard dick. Even though he was shocked he did not move his eyes from the screen. I watched as his cock grew unconsciously in his pants when I begged for my boss to give it to me anally. I let the sex tape run for a good five minutes and he didn’t flinch. The horny old man. He finally turned back to where I stood smirking, watching, laughingly, at his reaction.
After what seemed a lifetime, he slowly said, “Your quite the cock-tease Gina. I always knew why my son picked you out of all the other gorgeous girls he could be in relationships with but this…….well…… Does he know?”He looked naively into my eyes. It occurred to me he never met Gene face to face and didn’t recognize my boss on the screen. His expression changed suddenly. “God, your eyes are beautiful Gina. What are they hazel? I don’t think you and I ever shared any time alone.”He stared into my face. I tried to ignore the lust in his eyes.
“So you think it shows promise?”Turning from him, I tried to hide the smile spreading across my face, reflecting on the plan. I was calculating how to seduce this man and complete his surrender.
“It seems to create a positive affect on you.”I motioned to the impressive bulge in his pants. He moved quickly to adjust his visible erection.
“What did you like about it?”
“Welll……uh………you’re a gorgeous woman Gina. I can’t really stop watching him…..uh…..make your…”he motioned comically to his chest wiggling his fingers.
“My breasts?”I offered.
“Um, yes…..the way he makes your body move is very…….well…….damn sexy.”
“You don’t have to be timid. I’m not embarrassed. You can say you enjoy watching that black dick fuck the shit out of me. You could also say you enjoy watching my naked body being manipulated and taken advantage of and that you also love that I seem to enjoy every minute of having my pussy beaten by his throbbing cock.” He looked surprised by my vulgar language but didn’t seem to want to argue the point. He reluctantly nodded saying a very soft, “yes.” He scanned my figure, stripping me of my clothes in his mind. He looked back at the television grinning, staring at my privates exposed crudely for my boss’s sexual pleasure. “Gina, are you……I mean……well did you invite me hear to watch this? Or do you really need an angel investor as your boss told my company over the phone.”
“What do you think?”
“I think if the first is true, your being a slut and if the latter is true I’m not interested.” He stood to my surprise and walked out. I let the breath I had been unconsciously holding out heavily, into the cold air of that silent office. All that seemed audible was the slamming of the hard wooden door. I felt my mind beginning to race imagining that Mr. Lamar was flying down office stairs ready to admonish me for my failure. I waited for him to burst into the office forcing me in some compromising position, forced again to do whatever he ordered for being a dumb bitch. I awaited my punishment feeling slightly ashamed, and than the door slowly creaked open.
“Oh Gina, you know I couldn’t let you get in trouble with your boss. Even though you appear to be a very naughty, young girl, I still care about your future. I’ll help you out. I’ll tell you what, I’ll help you with this little….uhh…project…..but I have to know that all my hard earned money is going to be well worth the investment.”I felt him his sense of powerful manipulation as he slowly loosened his tie, approaching the desk. “As long as your willing to give me what I want, I bet I could definitely give you what you want. What’s your budget on this?” He moved to rest a heavy hand on my arm. When I pulled slightly away his hand soothed my apprehension, softly rubbing the material of my pink suit jacket. I thought he might force me to mount him right there, on the desk.
“Well,” I looked innocently into his eyes, as he pushed started to push me up against the mahogany, “About 50,000.”
“Really…….”He said with a tone of sarcasm, but I knew he was willing to pay it anyway. He had the money. “Well than I’m sure we can work something out. I’ll tell you what, we can discuss the details later tonight. I’ll meet you at my hotel at 9. If your really serious you’ll be there.” Then he walked out. He was fairly cocky about it and he thought he was in control completely, exactly what I wanted.
I managed to squeeze myself into an extremely form fitting, black, sequence dress with the appropriate lacy lingerie underneath. I tried to catch my breath running up the stairs of the hotel, shivering in a long overcoat while it snowed. The weather had been brutal, and being committed to dressing provocatively during a Chicago winter made me question whether or not I should be taking Prozac. His room was appropriately lit, my dress sparkled softly in the light. He sat in an arm chair, relaxed, watching as I entered. He was ready for what he suspected as an easy fuck.
“So Gina, here’s the deal I’ll give you this 50,000,”he said standing to put a suitcase on the bed, “you just need to prove to me your really ready to be a porn star. So your going to be my porn star tonight.”He giggled after making the stupid pun. I pretended shock.
“Don’t look at me like that……. like you didn’t know what I expected. I mean damn girl, its all in the family. ” His confidence had grown almost as big as his dick in the short few hours from our last encounter. He was ready to fuck my brains out. I could see what he had planned just by looking into his soft blue-green eyes.
“I can’t believe you would pay me to……prostitution is illegal” I said turning away. I faked a few sobs. He seemed a little taken back. Showing his surprise, he said, “isn’t this what you want?”
“Well……” I sniffled a little, “ its more about what you want.” I turned and regained composure. He watched as I slid my hands from my sides up my curves. I pulled my hair from a tight bun letting it flow down my shoulders and enjoyed myself very much as he admired me. He looked bewildered seeing my eyes actually glossy with what appeared to be tears and handed me a tissue. I appeared to raise courage to talk about the sensitive issue at hand. “If it was about what I want…….. I would have……….well….never mind.”I said coyly.
“You would have what sweetie?”He was like a mouse that found its way to my cheese trap. I reeled him in with every movement of my body language.
“I’m sorry. I’ve just never this before…..but…….oh….I don’t know…….maybe it would be easier if…….Oh god I can’t believe I’m going to say this to my boyfriend’s dad…..”I said looking away.
I sat down on the bed, still staring at the floor. I huddled my body next to his. He felt warm all over and I made sure to brush his knee with my naked one.
“Well, I have always had this fantasy….no…..its really naughty……and dirty” I said still looking away.
“Gina you showed me a video of you fucking some black dude in your office today.”
“Ya….I know but…..well this is….sort of…….bad”
“Come on baby, tell me.” He said. It was too fucking easy.
“Well……alright…..I have always had this fantasy, ”I paused to emphasize the feeling of my supposed hesitance, “where an older man comes into my hotel room…and well….practically rapes me….I say no but I’m ……..coming all over him.”I said seductively and letting my hand fall from my chest tracing my cleavage, showing how he could arouse my body if he chose. He stood slowly and walked to the door, leaving the 50 grand on the bed. I was baffled when he left the room. I flung the suit case away. I hadn’t seen that much money in one place yet. I wasn’t sure what to with it. I wanted to run. I figured either I was insane or he was, but than he burst right back in rushing over to the bed. The atmosphere turned from business deal fuck to erotic fantasy rapidly when he seized my body, grabbing me up by my waist, and clutching me close to his masculine chest. I almost fell right out of my heels, a bit surprised and turned on by the violent grabbing. His hands were all over my body as he brought his strong grip upon my neck. He forced my face to his.
“Your going to do whatever I say or I’m going to kill you. Do you understand slut?” I read him quickly seeing his awkwardness in trying to rape me, but I submitted pretending it was the hottest thing ever suggested to me.
“Oh….please don’t” I whimpered. I approved and told him so with a sultry smile. It reassured him enough to begin tearing my dress off of my figure to reveal my toned naked flesh. I fell into his body as he passionately grabbed me, forcing a kiss. I let him probe my mouth with his tongue. I could feel the lust dripping off of his brow from the speed he stripped both of us. He stood naked, with a hard on that rivaled my boss’s. It was a nice fucking cock. I dropped to my knees and got into the part.
“No, please don’t make me do this! I can’t……please I’ll do anything”
He reached down with a large outstretched hand, clutching me by my hair, yanking my face he forced me to look up into his eyes.
“Suck it………do it bitch or I’ll really hurt you.”
“Fuck……I can’t….please mister……”
“Do it now girl….”He said starting to hurt my head from the grasp of hair he held tightly in his hand. I reluctantly lowered my head to his crotch. He didn’t wait for me to open my mouth and shoved his cock past my lips. He groaned from the tight, clenching sensation around his head. He was bigger than I had noticed, filling my mouth completely. I could barley move my tongue to stroke his dick. He suffocated me with his tasty prick.
“Oh fuck ya….you like that bitch….move your tongue just like that over my head….that shit makes me want to shoot off in your throat”. He grabbed me tighter moving his large hand to the back of my head, gently rocking his hips against my mouth and pushing me down on his sumptuous cock. I suckled happily as he brought his member deeper into my throat. I could feel him touching my gag reflex slightly as he really started to fuck my mouth. I was choking but he continued to force me onto his shaft. I tried to pull away with all the force and strength I could manage until he freed his hand, finally allowing me to keel over, coughing.
“What’s the matter baby…… not used to that much dick?!! Get on your fucking knees and take it before I make you sorry you were born!” I got to my knees and quickly obeyed opening my hole for him to challenge my mouth to take more size than I could handle.
“Yes baby, let me use that big mouth………… Such pretty lips……but they look much better around my dick.” He plunged back into my mouth, forcing me to want to suck him as hard as I could. I pulled in my cheeks, feeling him pull back to enjoy the suction around his head. Than reaching up to stroke him, I heard his muffled groan buzzing through his body. His dick throbbed and I felt my pussy start to ache. Slowly wetting all over my panties, my pussy pulsed fluid down my lips. I was craving it. I pulled my head back and really let my hand give his dick a rotating massage. His eyes rolled back in his head when I dropped my hands and let my tongue and lips do all of the rotating work around his shaft. I sucked his head in and out of my mouth so hard it felt like it would pop right off.
“You fucking love it……don’t act like you don’t. I could tell when I saw you in the lobby and followed you up here you would give me a hell of rim job……but your definitely not done.”He was really getting into it. His cock was tickling my throat and I felt that familiar surge as a little pre-cum dripped down my esophagus. I wanted him to bury that big dick, balls deep in my pussy but I didn’t dare show it. I looked up into his eyes innocently pretending I had never been treated so rough, secretly enthralled by every minute of him forcing me to suck him.
He suddenly released my head. I fell back waiting for him to stream hot liquid all over my face and lips.
“You thought I was going to come? Aren’t you a stupid. I may be twice your age slut but your going to get every once of punishment I can get up to teach you what happens to girls like you.”
“Please sir…..I really don’t mean to be so……bad…….please….let me go and I wont tell anyone you did this too me….I promise.”
“Alright……you want to beg? I’ll make you fucking beg. Get up on that bed.”He didn’t wait for my plea. He reached down and thrusted me upward. I stumbled towards the bed. Pushing me down, he positioned his prick right at my entrance. I appeared frightened seeing that it only heightened his arousal, as he pulled my legs wider, pushing his head gently against my labia. I fought him, he pinned me, working to get into a position where he could penetrate me easily again. I was so wet. I continued to struggle until he grew tired of fighting my beating arms. He lifted from my body.
“Play with yourself he said, while I watch.” He reached down and grabbed his semi-soft prick stroking it slowly as I reached for my clit.
“No…..please……….just cum on me and let me go……” I whimpered. He reached for my hand and forced me to rub my soft, warm lips.
“You just don’t want to listen do you?……..I’m going to fuck the shit out of that cunt soon enough, but first your going to beg bitch…..beg like I know you love to and be the whore you so obviously are…..fuck your cunt with your fingers while I watch…….do it now!!” I took my middle finger and slowly rubbed my clit circularly.
“Show me you really like.”
I threw my head back and tried to muster some tears. I thought of how my boss did such naughty, humiliating things to me, but it only made me hornier. I tried to think of something really sad but it only turned into sadistic fantasies. I kept my eyes closed whining and groaning as I stroked my titillating clit.
“Come on …….beg…”
“Beg???”I said questioningly.
“Beg for it ….” He said breathing heavily. I swallowed hard.
“Um…..ok…….I…….I want your…..rock….hard….oh please I can’t”
“Say it, I will not tell you again” he demanded.
“Yes please what…..”He coaxed.
“Please……fuck me….with your big dick?”
“Yes baby…..and say it again. I know you want it. Beg….”
“Um…..mmmmm please give me that dick…..please spread me wide and slip your rock hard cock in between my slit…..ohhhhh……mmmmmm please do it to me?”I moaned softly rubbing my pussy , riding the wave of ecstasy to climax. I pulled my head up to see him kneel onto the bed, about to rejoice in entering my tight wet cunt. I couldn’t believe my boyfriend’s dad was about to fuck me in my pseudo rape fantasy. We were in our own private porno. I groaned as he entered my body, soothing that ache within my muscles for a long, strong cock to bring me to orgasm. He was deeper in me than my boss. He worked my cunt till I freely spread my thighs further and further apart.
“My wife hasn’t been this tight in years.”He said.
“Ya…......Maybe she’s fucking other guys….you sick fuck..”I said pretending to be enraged. He looked suddenly angry, and fully embracing our fantasy, he lightly slapped my cheek. I looked back frightened, but only ready to enjoy more of his cock abusing my tight pussy. He wrapped his right hand around my throat, just enough to enflame my desire.
“What did you say you dirty bitch?!!”
“Nothing…..I’m sorry…..ohhhhhhh…..mmmmmm……so sorry.” He started to work himself deeper into my pussy, rotating his hips and letting his full body weight start to fall on top of me. I felt my hips grind against his as he pleasured my dripping cunt. “Ohhhhhhh shiiiiiiittttttt……..”
“What was that you tight little bitch……..”
“Ohhhhh…….mmmmmmm……..”I heard myself whine, grinding harder into his hips. Lifting my ass off of the bed to press harder onto his dick, I let him move to kiss me. He fell on my mouth, kissing and licking my lips. He reached his hands under my bottom pushing me forcefully upward onto his coated shaft. I could here my juices sloppily squirting out from my walls. Instinctively wrapping my legs around his waist and continuing to enjoy being fucked by my boyfriend’s dad, I felt him reach under me. He grabbed harder onto my ass cheeks.
“Awwwww…..fuck…….”I bit my lip hard, trying to keep from admitting the pleasure that racked my body while he rotated his dick against every muscle of every wall. Our juices slid down my thighs as I came again and again while he ravaged my pussy. My boyfriend’s dad lifted me from the bed. A little dazed, but aware of the cold air stinging my naked skin, I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck. He forced my legs to straddle him. I tightened my grip as I rode him in mid air. He continued the rotation. Closing my eyes and burying my head into the soft light colored hair on his chest. He grabbed hard my hips and bobbed me up and down on his rock hard prick.
“mmmmmmm……ohhhhhh……fuuuuuccccckkkkkk!”I groaned as he slid that iron shaft in and out of me. I couldn’t believe how fucking hard he was, this was not a man that would NEVER need Viagra. Ever. Period.
“Ohhhhh MMmyyyyyyyy……fucking god!!!....PLeaSssseeeeee…………Sir…..I FUCKING BEG YOU………….”
“You FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!!! AND SO DO I…..AWWWWWFUCK YA……..GIVE ME THAT TIGHT LITTLE CUNT BITCH…..YOU LOVE BEING RAPED…..YOUR PUSSY DOESN’T FUCKING LIE…..YOUR CUMMING ALL OVER ME!” He yelled out above my exasperated pleading. I felt my twat clamp down hard on his prick, spasaming all over it, daring me not to explode. He pushed us both suddenly to the bed where his cock jammed hard to the back of my cunt. I couldn’t hold back any longer. When he pounded that dick so far up into me, sliding through my wetness, it felt like it broke me, and I squirted. I squirted what felt like mass amounts of cunt creme down his wanting shaft. I lifted my head to watch his thickness slide out of my pussy, it was coated in my cum. It looked delicious.
“Ohhhh your so wet…….mmmmmm… so good…that pussy is so tight and wet.” He said grunting, pushing back into my body still hungry for more. He slid out saying “Get off my dick slut……”
“Wwwhat?”I stuttered, still shuddering through the end of my orgasm, dazed, with my knees weak.
“Your not done. Get up and sit on my face…..I want to taste it…..I’m gonna make you cum again…..but this time your going to squirt it down my throat……”
“ohhhhhh…..I can’t…..please I’m really not a slut…please I’ll get you off just finish please……”
“SHUT UP!” He said, scraping me off of the bed. I collapsed back into his arms while he forced me into a position where he could lick me dry. He lay down, stretching his body across the bed, and dragged me over to his lips. Grabbing my thigh with a large outstretched hand and pushing it over to the other side of his body, I straddled his head. He firmly grasped my cheeks pulling my clit down almost to his soft wet lips. He licked his lips, than ran the tip of his tongue down my slit. I shivered, still extremely sensitive. I felt chills run down my spine as he kissed my pussy gently. He planted light, soft kisses down my slit. He pushed against my opening, probing with his tongue. I felt the heat return to my face, feeling much less numb and ready to get on him again.
“Ohhhhhh Please………what would your son say………..sir……..I……ohhhhhh…….don’t” I fought as hard as I could, wishing he didn’t fuck so good. I continued to say no, but felt my body screaming yes, grinding circularly onto his face. FUCK ME! I wanted to scream. THAT JUICY FUCKING COCK MAKES ME WANT YOU INSIDE OF ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, YOU HORNY MOTHERFUCKER. I didn’t dare say it. His hands squeezed my ass, while he tongue fucked my pussy, inserting his tongue deep into my tight vaginal canal. He removed his tongue only to suckle happily on my clit. Reaching down, and pushing his head harder into my cunt, I forced him to eat me. He moaned into me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. So surreal.
“mmmmmmnaughty gurl…..”His lips glistened when he spoke. I slid down dragging my pussy accross his chest. He guided my hips to his throbbing prick. I lifted, all by myself, slowly sitting down onto his cock. Squeezing him with every movement, I let him feel every crevice and inch of me. His hands were all over my body as I writhed and wiggled to bring him to orgasm.
“Yes baby….work that dick……”He managed to say.
I managed a few small tears. They slid gently down my cheeks mixing with a hot trickle of sweat as I worked hard up and down on his hard dick. It grew up into my wet cunt ready to spurt any second. He started to bounce me on his lap, forcing me to cowgirl up, my tits beating against my chest.
“Ohhhhhh shiiiiiittttt…….my boy’s got one hella of a fuck for a girlfriend……work that dick!!! FUCKING WORK IT………OHHHHHH HELL YES………….MMmmmmmm YESSSSS ……THAT’S IT BABY…….YOUR GOnna Make me CUM JUST LIKET THAT……..OHHHhhhhhhh HELL YEAH…….”
He was so deep inside of me, pumping so hard and high into my pussy it felt like he was in my fucking stomach. His cock suddenly surged a gallon of hot sperm flooding through to its head. He pushed me off violently. I fell off the bed hitting the floor, unexpectedly.
“Owwwww……uhhhhh” I pulled myself up to rub where I had fallen. Still rubbing my bare skin, he flew off of the bed, I watched him positioning his cock right above my head. He was still surging, and all over my lips, cheeks, neck, and chest.
“mmmmmm…..good girl……….come here…..I know you want to taste it.”He said grabbing the back of my head and shoving his spurting head into my face.
“Drink it!……….I said drink it Gina……”
Afterwards he fell to his knees, holding my head to his crotch, forcing me to lick and suck him clean.
“My sack too…”
I looked up, as if I had never done anything so disgusting. He laughed.
“Are you kidding Gina….I know you’ve done every dirty thing I could think of and licking my balls isn’t near the worst your slutty ass has accomplished……now suck it my young sweet piece of fuck meat” He didn’t wait for my reaction, just pushed me down on him. I remember thinking’ I hope that the camera we set up got that last little bit, because it would only make the whole thing more believable. Thank God the maid believed my bull shit story earlier and let me back in well in time to do what I needed while Gene’s associates kept my boyfriend’s father eating and drinking downtown Chicago.
The Son of a bitch would never know what hit him. I was a little taken back at the contempt I had for this man while getting into the cab. I barley knew him. I really had no idea why Gene wanted to fuck him over so bad. I smirked feeling a little of our cum sliding down my inner thigh and thinking of what Gene would say with a similar expression; such a bad girl. I had become his sex toy.

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