Movie Night_(4)

Movie Night_(4)

Movie Night (Incest, Mf)

Summary - Can Chad control himself around his hot, young daughter?

Note - This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

*** It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives!

“Daddy’s home!” cried Samantha as she quickly shut her schoolbook and ran to the door to meet him. Thirteen, going on 30, she jumped up to give her Daddy a hug, pressing her small titties into his chest as she wrapped him into her arms.

“Hello Sammy, did you have a good day?” said 34 year old Chad Williams, lifting Samantha off her feet and spinning her around gently. He felt her hard nipples pressing into him as he gripped her ass tightly. ‘So she wouldn’t fall,’ he told himself. He marveled at how soft her ass was under her thin shorts and panties. Setting her on her feet, he looked down at her blond hair and shining blue eyes, all the while admiring her small, lithe body. He licked his lips as he glimpsed her nipples poking thru her t-shirt.

‘I shouldn’t have such nasty thoughts about my own daughter!’ he thought. But, he couldn’t help it, no man could.

Samantha was the picture of sensuality. Her budding tits, large nipples, flat stomach, generous ass and long legs, gave hint to the sexy woman she was becoming. She exuded youthful sensually and she was becoming more and more aware of her body. She would subconsciously rub her pussy against her bed post as she was getting into bed, trying to scratch the tingly spot inside her tiny twat. She would hump her stuffed animals at night, playing a game that made sense only to her and her warm, moist pussy.

“It’s movie night, Daddy! I got the popcorn ready and the sodas are already in the fridge.”

Movie night was a special bonding time for the family. Every Friday night for the last many years, they would sit on the couch, eat popcorn, and watch a movie together. Laughing, giggling, tickling and having fun. It was a great way to unwind after a long week.

“Is Mommy joining us tonight?” asked Chad softly.

“I doubt it, she’s on her third glass of wine already,” Sammy whispered.

Julie Williams, his wife of 14 years, always enjoyed wine on Friday nights. However, she had been drinking more and more lately as her job became more stressful. It didn’t help that her doctor gave her strong sedatives to help her sleep. She rarely made it thru an entire movie any more, stumbling to bed not long after dinner. She was a good woman, but their lovemaking had become less frequent as her drinking increased. He was often horny and having a sexy daughter prancing around the house wearing only her bra and panties before she dressed didn’t help. He could feel his cock getting a little chubby as he watched her ass go into the kitchen. ‘Samantha has a great ass,’ he thought. ‘No! Stop thinking about her like that,’ he admonished himself once again.

After dinner (and after Julie finished her bottle of wine), they settled down for the movie. Chad had changed into his pajama bottoms and t-shirt, and Julie into her flannel pajamas, hiding her womanly charms from Chad’s sight. Samantha stayed in her after school clothes, though they were getting a bit too small for her. Chad watched his daughter as she got the movie ready to play, giving him an eye full as she bent over the entertainment center.

Samantha picked out another silly movie; she knew her mommy and daddy liked to laugh after work, though she would rather watch a sexier movie, if allowed. The family watched the movie and had a few laughs together, but it wasn’t long before Julie got up and went to bed. Chad knew that she would be taking a couple pills before going to bed. ‘Yep, she was out for the night and would be sleeping thru most of the morning too. No pussy for him tonight!’

His mind wandered as he and Samantha watched the movie, thinking about his wife. ‘I wonder if she would notice if fucked her while she slept?’ he thought. Maybe he could make her deep throat his cock, or even fuck her ass! He began to get horny thinking about it. It had been too long since he had sex. ‘No, I can’t do it,’ he decided. ‘Maybe later this weekend, I might talk her into having a quick fuck.’ He decided he was jacking off before going to bed, he was so horny. All this thinking about fucking his wife made his cock swell slightly.

“Daddy, can I sit with you while we watch the rest of the movie?” asked Samantha.

Chad was startled out of his revelry and quickly smiled at her. He patted the space beside him. “Come on up, little girl” he said grinning evilly.

“Daddy, I’m not little anymore!” she said as she ran to the couch and jumped right into his lap.

“Oooph! I guess you are not little anymore,” Chad exclaimed. ”You are as heavy as a horse!”

“Daddy!” she squealed in mock anger. They began wrestling on the couch, tickling and giggling together. Chad could not help but notice how big her breasts were getting as he tickled her under her arms. Samantha twisted back and forth, accidentally rubbing her tits against her father’s strong fingers. He dug his finger into her ticklish spots between her thighs and from the bottom of her ass down to the backs of her knees. She did her best to tickle him back; marveling at his rock hard chest and stomach as her small fingers explored his body, trying to find his special ticklish spot. As she began to grope her fingers closer to his crotch, he decided it was time to stop.

“Whew, that was fun,” he said, as he gripped his daughter’s wrists. He and Samantha stared at each other, filled with love. Both were breathing hard from the exertion. Her nipples were hard again. He watched them rise and fall with each breath. He quickly looked away while he imagined how her tits and puffy nipples would look naked. How he longed to put them into his mouth and suck them while running his fingers up her thighs, towards her pussy. “OK, back to the movie!” he said. His dirty thoughts were getting the best of him.

However, Chad was not the only one having dirty thoughts. Samantha saw him looking at her little titties and it made her pussy twitch. She sat on his lap and said softly, “Hold me Daddy.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck. She leaned back, pulled his arms up under her boobs, and placed her arms on top of his. She wiggled her ass on his crotch as they settled in.

The watched the movie in silence, listening to each other’s soft breathes. They were keenly aware of their bodies snuggled up tight against each other. Chad could smell her perfumed hair and he could feel her breasts resting on his arms. Samantha could feel his hard abs against her back and his warm lips so close to her neck.

Both had forgotten about the movie, so Chad turned down the volume. He didn’t want any distractions while he held his sweet daughter in his arms. Occasionally, Samantha would sigh contentedly and wiggle her perfect ass against him. After she did it for the third time, he felt himself getting horny. ‘No, no!’ he thought, ‘I can’t get a boner now!’

She wiggled her body again, not knowing what she was doing to him. She rubbed her tits against his arms as she cooed. He cock got even chubbier and slowly began to harden...

Samantha felt something stirring under her. ‘What is this thing under my butt?’ she thought to herself. ‘Not clothes or Daddy’s fingers…’ She wiggled again, trying to figure out what lump was. It was getting bigger! ‘Not the remote control…’ She wiggled again… Chad’s cock got more and more engorged each time she wiggled. In another moment, he would be rock hard!

‘Oh no!’ he thought. He was about to push his little nymph off his cock and stand up. His erection was bent inside his underwear and getting very uncomfortable.

But, how can he hide the burgeoning tent in his pants? Maybe he could make an excuse about having to pee or get more popcorn? Or, maybe if he got up and turned away quickly?

“Daddy?” she said out loud, questioning. ““What is…?” Then she suddenly stopped herself.

She was about to say “Daddy, what is poking me in my butt? It feels hard?” However she knew now. She knew what was! It was her Daddy’s penis! They both froze.

Her mind raced! She had learned in school that when a boy becomes sexually aroused, his penis gets hard. ‘But why was her daddy getting hard now? What is making him so aroused?’ The movie was not a sexy movie, like the ones she liked, with a lot of kissing and hugging - they always made her vagina tingle. If it was not the movie (making his body pump blood into his penis, as she remembered from school), then what was it? She suddenly realized what was arousing her daddy!

“Oh, never mind, daddy,” she quickly said as she felt him stir. “Let’s watch the movie.”

‘Her daddy was getting aroused by her!’ she smiled to herself. Maybe it was her butt rubbing against his penis or maybe her small titties rubbing on his arms? Or maybe he was thinking about her pussy, tits and butt-hole? The same dirty things she thought of when she rubbed herself.

She was enjoying these new feelings coursing thru her mind and body. His penis felt good against her butt now that she knew what it was.

Chad was mortified! His hard cock was pressing against his daughter’s ass, and she knew what it was! ‘Oh no! What a bad Daddy he was!’ He could not help it! He was so horny and his daughter was so sexy!

“Uh, I’m sorry Sam...” he started to get up and apologize.

“Shhh! the movie!” she quickly shushed him, not wanting this special moment to end. She felt so sexy and proud of herself – she made her daddy’s penis hard! He loved her and had ‘special’ feelings for her. Samantha suddenly realized she loved him in a ‘special’ way too!

Chad ceased trying to get up and quickly adjusted his dick before she could settle down again. His cock now stood straight up, straining against his shorts and pajamas. ‘Ah, better now.’ he thought, ’not so cramped!’

Samantha gave a gentle wiggle, feeling the lump had changed position. She felt it against her right butt cheek. She wiggled again, trying to positioning her daddy’s penis against her butt crack. It slipped in place. ‘Ahhh,’ it felt good resting there. It felt so big! Her little pussy was getting wet thinking about it.

She imagined what it would look like. Maybe she could rub it a bit more so she could feel its shape better? She wiggled again, feeling the length of his straining cock against her ass crack. ‘Mmmm’ was all she said. She felt very sexy!

‘It feels so good,’ Chad thought, ‘I have to stop her, I might cum if she keeps this up!’ But, he couldn’t stop her. He was too horny and too far gone to care any longer. He felt her titties rubbing against his arm; he imagined her little pussy getting wet.

Samantha loved the feeling of his penis, or his ‘cock’, as a boy at school called it. Her ‘ass’ and her daddy’s hard ‘cock’! She began to softly and slowly rock her body - forward then backward, then around and around. Slowly, so slowly… Gently grinding her ass into his cock. Back and forth, around and around. They both were getting horny. Her pussy was getting wetter, his cock was getting harder.

Samantha pussy was on fire! Her nipples were hard and her breasts were tingling as they rubbed against her daddy’s arms. She had to touch her pussy, she just HAD to!

She reached down with one hand and slipped her hand under her panties. Her fingers traced along her little slit. She dipped a finger inside her honey-hole and spread the wetness against her slit. ‘Did daddy notice?’ She didn’t care. Again and again she dipped her fingers in her oozing cunt until her pussy and clit were wet and slippery. “Ohhh,” she let out a low moan, not even aware that she did it. When she touched her swollen clitty she felt electricity go thru her thighs. “Ah, ah, ah, Oh daddy!” she exclaimed.

Chad felt like he was going to explode. He had felt his daughters hand move down to her little pussy. He could feel her rubbing herself. He could smell her pussy heat! He heard her moan. He heard her moan, calling his name.

Samantha began to rock her hips harder and harder, grinding his cock over and over. They began to breathe harder and harder, feeling their excitement building.

“Ahh, ahh” she breathed.

“Oh baby, oh, oh!” Chad moaned. “Don’t! Don’t do that!”

Samantha rubbed her pussy faster and faster. She felt her daddy’s rock hard cock against her ass cheeks, his arms against her titties! Something was happening to her. Her pussy was so hot! ‘More! More! Faster! Faster!’ her mind screamed.

Chad couldn’t take it any longer. He was going to cum! His own daughter was going to make him cum!

Her ass crack was gripping his cock. His fat, purple head slipped out of his clothes as her grinding ass pulled his pajama bottoms down! Samantha's ass was now working on his cock faster. His pre-cum made everything slippery! He was so close! He had to do it. He had to feel her tits! He reached up and grabbed her tits with both hands, pretending he was only trying to stop her, while kneading them and feeling those perfect nipples roll under his fingers!

“Ohh, daddy!” she exclaimed. Her daddy’s hands were massaging her boobs and rubbing her nipples! Her daddy’s lust, his cock, and his expert groping on her titties sent her over the edge. She started to cum!

“Ahhh! Oooh, what’s happening to me?” Her orgasm started to rock her body from her pussy to her thighs to her tits and ass, again, and again! She was still grinding on her daddy’s cock. She rubbed her little pussy harder! It felt so good! She came over and over, with multiple orgasms, big, bigger, biggest, then smaller and smaller - making her body shake and her little pussy gush!

“Ahh!” Chad cried. “You’re cumming, and I’m cumming too! Oh, baby! I’m going to cum!” and he did! Samantha felt his cock get even bigger!

“Ahhh! I can feel your ass against my cock! Your tits are amazing! I can smell your hot, fucking pussy juice!” Never had he come so hard! Spurt after spurt of hot, thick cum exploded from his cock and soaked his shorts and her panty-covered ass. Samantha’s ass was wet from the copious amounts of potent sperm blasting onto their clothes. She felt his cock spew time and time again against her! After an eternity, they finally slowed down. She felt his cock get softer and she slowly quit her manipulations on his dick.

They stayed together like that for a while. Chad’s hands slowly let go of her tits and settled in her lap, he guiltily adjusted himself and pulled up his pants. He felt his cum cooling on his shorts. Their breathes slowly returned to normal.

“Thanks daddy, that was great! I had a great ‘cum’ too! I didn’t know it would feel so good!” She got off the couch on her shaky legs and turned to give her daddy a big hug and long sensual kiss. “I’m going to bed now; I’m so tired, I can barely move.” Samantha said, standing up on her shaking legs.

“Can we do this again sometime soon? It will be our special secret, OK daddy?” Samantha said, knowing the ‘special feelings’ they had just shared were not to be discussed openly.

She smiled at her daddy, stealing a glance at his wet crotch. She wanted to see his hard cock next time! And touch it! And hold it in her hands! She wanted to feel his hands on her titties again and feel his fingers in her ‘hot fucking pussy,’ remembering the dirty words he said to her.

“Uh, sure,” he said stupidly, still in shock, watching her turn and walk to her room. Her ass jiggled as she bounced happily to her room. He saw the large stain on her shirt, covering her ass, knowing his cum must have soaked into her panties too.

‘Movie night will never be the same,’ he thought.

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