Escape For Passion Part 9 -Conclusion

Escape For Passion Part 9 -Conclusion

Part 9 - Conclusion

Chapter 9A

A week later, Sid left for another of his business trips and both girls began missing him even before he left. When he came back three days later, he brought Bill with him. Bill was a young, slim man who was introduced as their tutor. Bill was a tall man with wavy black hair cut collar length. His long slender fingers were connected to strong hands and arms. His torso was proportioned evenly. He looked like he was really in good shape. He had a boyish grin that belied the twinkle of ire in his eyes when he spoke. He did not seem shy but did not speak, at first, as Sid was doing all the talking.

When Sid and Bill first walked into the house they were greeted by the sight of two naked teenagers who rushed up to Sid, with no qualms about being naked in front of a stranger, to give him a great big hug and kiss. As introductions were made, Sid invited Bill to disrobe and join the party. Sid explained that around the house and pool, naked was normal. It made for more spontaneity and frolicsome fun. “Besides” he explained “you can fuck ‘em quicker this way.”

Bill couldn’t believe his good fortune in finding this job to tutor two nubile young girls in all subjects including satisfying his own lusts. He just stood there looking at the two girls with heads bowed, hands at their sides and showing a well developed musculature and well proportioned bodies. Then he noticed the weights hanging from their clitties and cunt lips and the vibrating lady bugs on low intensity and keeping them stimulated.

Sid said “OK ladies; let him have a good look at your back side. Turn around and bend over.” They each did so and Bill was able to see the large ass plugs protruding from each girl and hear the faint hum of those devices as they keep them aware of the need to orgasm.

“Ok girls, now let’s make Bill feel welcome.” said Sid. They each turned around and began hugging and stroking Bill and helping him take his clothes off.

Bill, having been briefed by Sid on the conditions at the mountain top home was prepared to meet the two girls, but he was flabbergasted at their delicate beauty, sexually arousing gestures and the way they were blatantly stroking and fondling him. Bill was to be their live in tutor and was an accredited teacher who had been fired for molesting a young girl in his classes. He was thankful he didn’t have to serve any time in jail for it. She had been just sixteen. Now he had two slightly older teeny boppers with which he could play as well as do some serious teaching. He was distracted from these thoughts as a small hand started efficiently unbuckling his pants.

When he has skinned out of his clothes and Kim Lin had taken them away, Judy came up to him and rubbed her body all over him and gave him one of the greatest tongue sucking kisses of his short life. Instantly his cock stood up to its full twelve inch height. As a skinny person, his cock’s girth was moderate to small, but he could really reach deep with that prick.

Upon seeing this miniature ball bat flopping loose from Bill’s groin, Judy immediately dropped down and encircled the corona in her mouth and began sliding it in and out of her mouth while twirling her tongue around the coronal ridge. Bill had never felt such an expert’s tongue going to work on his prick like this. He immediately groaned, and after only a few more strokes, he came a gusher down Judy’s throat. Judy kept sucking and twirling him with her tongue and Bill never lost his hard on.

Kim Lin was back by now and not to be out done by Judy. She decided that the best fun she could have was his ass. On her knees behind him, she parted the ass cheeks and dipped her tongue into the crack to lick and lunge at his asshole. Bill jerked at the first touch but then decided it was fun to have her doing this while Judy sucked him off. He shot another wad off in just a few more seconds of this dual stimulation and had to drop onto a chair in the entry way and rest.

Now the girls turned to Sid and literally attacked his clothing. It came off in shreds and pieces and a smallish hand clamped around his balls and his cock. They led him to the nearest bedroom and laid him on his back while they completed his undressing. Kim Lin was nearest his cock when it was finally exposed and she took the honor of swooping down and gobbling up the loose and semi erect prick of Sid.

As she worked on his balls with her hands and his cock with her mouth, she swiveled around to place her little drooling snatch over his mouth and nose and begged, by her motions, to have him suck her. Sid was only too happy to oblige her and began scarfing up the drool that trickled out of her cuntal mouth and lifted the ladybug up off her clitty so he could suck that one inch long organ into his mouth for a thorough such and lick.

After a few minutes of this tongue action, Sid rolled over on top of Kim Lin and sank his big dick into her poontang and lay on top of her for a few seconds while his weight pressed the lady bug clitty massager directly into her pierced clit. His weight on her clit was almost painful but she relished it as it added to the stimulus of her next orgasm.

Judy had left the room and now came back with the strap-on vibrator dildo and put the harness around her waist. As she lubricated the limber rubber dick and settled the harness in its proper place around her hips, she asked Sid if he wanted it slow or hard and fast. He replied “Hard and fast, cause I won’t last long at this rate.” He hadn’t begun moving in little Kim Lin’s cunt and he was so horny for her that he was already close to cuming.

As Judy climbed on top of them both and positioned the dildo at his asshole, she slowly lowered the prick into his ass. About halfway into his ass with the fake cock, Sid began a slow rocking motion that soon became a vigorous banging away at Kim Lin’s pussy. This action had him impaled one instant by the dong up his butt and when he moved forward, he was deep in the slick pussy of Kim Lin.

Kim Lin started to climax almost immediately and there was another solid push from Judy on the dildo as Sid withdrew from Kim Lin’s ass a few inches. This forced Kim Lin to push back to recapture him and the girls had him well sandwiched and cuming like nothing before. Sid felt his prostrate swell with the dildo’s vibrations magnifying his orgasm through his prostrate. When he came, he felt like his bowels and his prick were going to explode all at once. Somehow, they all toppled over on to the bed sideways and still connected by his still hard prick and Judy’s dildo.

Then, as they were relaxing, Judy did some jerking and twitching and drove the dildo up Sid’s ass viciously. Sid looked around and found Bill had snuggled up to the girl’s ass and was humping to beat the band up her asshole. This caused her to jump forward with the dildo up his ass and that caused him to flex his hips forward into Kim Lin’s tunnel of love. A regular rhythmic hump would start with Bill in the back and ripple up the short line of fuckers to Kim Lin. Strangely; they all seemed to cum at once. Kim Lin started it and Sid followed, with Judy and Bill right behind.

Bill was happy to have finally found a home where he could both teach and indulge in his favorite pastime, sex with young girls. Sid was happy they all got along so well together. He looked forward to the sex combinations they could make as a foursome with other people whom he knew would want to excite them all.

Judy was sandwiched between both men and was having a grand time cuming about every five minutes or so. She briefly reflected on the possibilities a second male would have on their little group. She looked forward to the things she anticipated they could do. She was really glad that Sid had helped her to escape for passion like this.

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