Sex experience with my friend's mother 2

Sex experience with my friend's mother 2

Techno rabbit vibrator.
Sex experience with my friend’s mother -2
“If there are more than one, there is a way which you have to do in order to divert them completely so that I can have a chance to destroy the data. “I told her.
She replied “what is that I have to do?”
“You have to provoke them for multiple penetration, so that they are busy in fucking you without knowing what is happening around them”
“ooooooh! No. I can’t do that, I can’t resist their fucking dicks entering me at a time” she replied in aggression.
“If you can’t do that, I am helpless to help you then. ” I replied
“ok, but, I don’t know if I can do that” she replied.
“If you don’t mind, I can help you to practice multiple penetration “I replied.
“Ooh! No, i cannot tolerate the pain anymore right now.”
“Let it be, let it be. You may be alright to night. Right?” I replied.
“yeah . but, how could you ………do multiple penetration? ”
“no problem, leave it to me! I will come by 7 O’ ready for your practice session. You will be mine to night.” I replied her by planting a kiss on her lips.
(By evening, I bought two techno rabbit vibrators with speed adjustment option, some ropes,some tape, a polished rod and some lubricant needed for what I have planned.)
(I used to live in, there is no problem for me to stay at her night to night.)
I went to her house and she was waiting for me. She is looking at the things I have brought with great astonishment.
I asked her to sit on the couch and connected a pen drive to the tv and started playing prone video.
I have shown her 4 videos one showing how to masturbate, another showing deep anal fucking , another showing double penetration, and finally a video showing a girl banged by a group of 5 men.
Meanwhile, I licked her pussy and masturbated her pussy with the vibrator slowly and she was moaning and completely burning with a desire of having sex.
Now, I took her to the bed room and both of us undressed ourselves and had kissed for a while and made her lay across the bed which is comfortable for mouth fucking . and tied he to bed by widening her legs.
Now, she was tied on the bed naked and waiting for my next step.
I took out the vibrator and applied some lubricant on it and inserted into her pussy with initial speed and she was moaning lightly and gradually , I increased the speed of the vibrator ,which made her go for wild screams and cried to stop it but, I continued pressing it deeper into her pussy and juices are flowing out of her pussy . After a while, I took it out and went for her asshole. She yelled as if she was in hell as she could not bear the speed of the vibrator.
Now , I placed both the vibrators one into her pussy and other into her asshole vibrating at high speed and she was screaming like”no, no ,…………please stop it , i cant hold the pain ,,,,,,,,,,,,,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Please ……..stop that……………oh ! myyy god……………they are tearing my pussy……. Pleeeeeeeease stop……..aaaaaaaaaaah!”
But, I thought she would get adjusted to that speed slowly and neglected her screams. After some time, I stopped them for a while and asked her to suck my dick. While she was busy sucking my dick, I turned them back and made her scream with my dick in her mouth and I started throat fucking her and she was jumping and is trying to get rid of the vibrators from her pussy and asshole but, I have applied some tape to them so that they won’t get out of the pussy easily even If she move.
Again I stopped fucking her mouth and the vibrators for her to take some rest and again started it after a while. I continued it for about an hour and I finally filled her throat with my cum and unbounded her.
Then, I fisted her pussy for a while and again did the same procedure.
That night, her pussy and her ass experienced terrible fucking and I practiced her with some vulgar words to be used during her sex to make them more and more involved in fucking her .
The next day, we both went to the gym.
There are 3 guys waiting for her. One of them was the gym master whom I have seen at her house.
One of them forcedly pushed her to the wall and started kissing her and was tearing her skirt and her panties. Others are watching him having forced sex and enjoying her sex. My dick has grown to its size but, I have to control myself and I spoke to the other saying “why don’t you join?”
The gym master replied “she can’t bear us all at a time.”
“No problem, she told me that she likes to have a double penetration” I replied.
By then, the man was fucking her wildly by lifting her legs up to his waist and she was screaming in pain.
The, the other man sitting beside gym master told me to join him and If she is fine, they would join her.
I was waiting for this word and I undressed and I applied some lubricant to my dick.
I went to the man having wild sex with her. He looked at me and told me “fuck the asshole of your mother” .i laughed and she yelled loud as I started fucking her asshole. Both of us increased speed of fucking her hoes and made her scream louder and louder. She started using vulgar language saying ”fuck me harder ………aaaaaaaaaaaaah ……..fuck me……… son…..fuck me………aaaaaaaaaaaah ……….oh my gooood………. Fuck my holes……….”

Listening to her, the two others sitting aside came near and positioned her to have group sex and I left her asshole as they started involving in fucking her.
She is sandwiched between them .one of them is fucking her pussy and other is fucking her asshole and other fucking her mouth. It is making me horny too but, I have some work to be done before they finish their fucking session.
I asked them the way for bathroom and one of them replied me while other are busy fucking her and are exchanging their positions taking turns to fuck her. Her hands are hold tight to avoid her hands disturb their fuck.
I went into the bath room in the house and washed my dick and dressed myself. (it is a gym at home) I found their computer at a corner of the room. I switched on the computer and loaded the virus into the computer which corrupts the hard disk and within few seconds, the pc was switched off and when I tried to turn it on, it showed an error saying hard disk is corrupted.
I then looked for the backup dvd’s and I found a pack of dvd’s .i searched them and found the dvd written the name of her and her husband.
I have hidden it in a secret pocket and returned to the place where she banged by the gym master. She is like a whore screaming, sucking the dicks and getting double penetrated.
Her pussy is oozing the juices mixed with their sperms.
Now, they are trying for a triple penetration.
The gym master laid on the floor making his dick move in her pussy and pressed her breast against his breast the other man is lubricating her asshole for letting two dicks. She is moaning lightly as he entered her ass and bent over her and in between them , other man slowly penetrated his dick into her ass and her moans turned to shouts as their huge dicks are fucking her .three of the, started throbbing her holes and slowly picked up the speed making her scream louder and louder .
I could not hold myself and took out my dick and fucked her mouth. After a long fucking session, one of them got away meanwhile, I filled her mouth twice with my cum. Now, the two of them fucked her wet holes like a machine holding her tight ignoring her screams of intolerable pain and both of them filled her holes with their cum and left her. She was fucked for almost for an hour by the three and for some times by me.
After her refreshment, we both returned home and I have shown her the dvd and checked the data in it. It is the one which we wanted and their data is destroyed completely.
She jumped in joy and hugged me and I kissed her lips and pressed her boobs and said “you will be my whore from now.”
She replied in a romantic way saying “my pussy will be waiting for your dick any time you need.”
Then, someone knocked the door. I ran out from the back door and peeped throught the was my friend avinash along with his horny sister hasmika and amazing that they came in such early. whatever it may be, I wanted hasmika to be my next slut .

Keep waiting for next part to know how I am going to get the pussy of hasmika who is 3 years elder to me………
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