New York City is comprised of five boroughs, which are equivalent to counties in the rest of the state. The five boroughs are Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. New York City has over 8.2 million residents. The Greater New York metropolitan area has a population of nearly 19 million people and ranks among the largest urban areas in the world.

So naturally my daughter wanted to go there. My daughter Amanda hates her name because it is too prissy and proper. She likes her friends to call her Acid. She has gone through her cute pink girly stage, her cheerleader stage, and smack dab into the middle of her Punk Rock stage. “Acid” sings with some heavy metal group in Syracuse called “Dogs on Mars.” Their lead guitarist used be an opening act for a band called Anthrax years ago. She has tattoos, piercings, and her hair is black and blue. She used to look really pretty but right now I’m not all that pleased with Amanda’s looks. It must be a father thing!

Amanda is now twenty-three years old, my wife is forty-eight years old and I am fifty years old. Our other three children turned out to be normal. They are all married and we even have two grandchildren. I keep wondering where we went wrong with Amanda.

My wife finally talked me into a full week of vacation in New York City including both weekends. She promised me that I would enjoy myself and that she would be more loving than she was on our honeymoon. Naturally I said okay.

It was a four-hour drive just to get to New York City and then another hour to get to our hotel. Finding the Jumeirah Essex House right next door to Bellevue Hospital was not a problem at all. I just got off Broadway at Columbus Circle and it was right there. Well a whole city block away but it was still easy to find. Parking wasn’t as bad as I had imagined either. The Jumeirah Essex House was far more elegant than I had ever expected. The suite had two bedrooms, two baths, and a central living room kitchen area. It was expensive but the view from our window was breathtaking to say the least. We overlooked the lower section of Central Park.

The Jumeirah Essex House was celebrating over 75 years of luxury on Central Park South. This historic landmark was first opened in 1931. It had recently completed a $90 million refurbishment program that pays homage to its classic Art Deco heritage. It was truly a magnificent building. It had better be for the price of its rooms.

Amanda was not content being with us old people so I gave her some money and let her go. Amanda was like a caged bird that you have to let free. If she returns she is yours forever, if she doesn’t she was never yours in the first place. Actually I was mostly concerned for her safety. My little girl running around the Big Apple alone was not a pleasant thought.

My wife and I ate dinner at the hotel restaurant that evening and then took a Hanson Cab ride around Central Park. It was very nice because we were picked up right in front of our hotel and would be dropped off there too. My wife loved the horse drawn carriage, the beautiful red seat, and the red velvet blanket. My wife said that she would take my mind off from our daughter during the ride. The doorman at the hotel handed me a bottle of wine and only one glass as he helped us up into the carriage. My wife liked sharing the one glass. She said that it was romantic. Occasionally the driver would tell us what we were passing and what sights were around close.

I only saw miles of those bright yellow taxicabs lined up at every red light. I had never seen that many cabs in my life. My wife saw only the beauty of the city and the park that we were encircling. After the second glass of wine my wife placed her hand on my crotch. I looked down quickly to see that the blanket was covering her hand and what she was doing to me. So I moved my hand over to her crotch too. I was pleased that her skirt was hiked up far enough for me to touch her panty-covered pussy. Her panties were wet and she humped slightly against my hand. Then she kissed me as she pressed a firm breast into my arm. I quickly put the wineglass down and grabbed my lovely wife in my arms and kissed her with a passion and a need that I hadn’t had in quite awhile. All the hours that I put in at work each week had taken a toll on our sex life. I was so horny that I wanted to fuck her right there in that carriage. I didn’t even care that people could see me.

My wife looked up at our driver and he smiled back at her knowingly as she went under the blanket. My wife had never been this flamboyant in her life. She had actually made eye contact with him before kneeling on the floor of the cab and covering herself up with the blanket. He knew exactly what she was doing and that excited me even more. I could feel her unzip my pants, take my cock out, and wrap her warm mouth around it. I had gotten a few blowjobs from my wife over the years but nothing like this…ever! She was sucking with a passion that I can only recall on our wedding night. She was the best cocksucker that I had ever dated. I miss those good old days but I had them back, right then, and right there. She sucked me until I filled her mouth with cum. Then the little wench poked her head up and opened her mouth to show the driver what a good girl she was. She swallowed and licked her lips before taking a drink of wine. She put my toy back in my pants and closed them up. As she sat back on the seat with me she pushed the blanket away saying that she was hot. Her skirt was high enough to show off her panties to the people walking along side of us. I watched her as she unbuttoned her blouse too until I could see most of her bra. She was still very sexy even at her age.

When we returned to our hotel my wife made sure that the doorman got an eyeful as he helped her out of the carriage. I went out first so I too got a great view of her. My wife spread her knees wide showing off her very white panties under her black mini skirt. She leaned way over too so that her blouse puckered out allowing the doorman and several of the men standing behind him to see almost her entire white lacy bra and all of the cleavage that went with it too. She smiled sweetly then took my arm and let me lead her into the lobby. We were not alone in the elevator but she snuggled into me in a corner and laid a lip-lock on me that probably made the other people think that we were on our second honeymoon or that she was a hooker. I really didn’t care which at that moment. I rubbed my crotch against her leg that was between mine. I was dry humping my wife in an elevator with other people watching us. It was such a turn-on.

As we got out on our floor she just started laughing and said that she had put on that show on purpose. She admitted to showing off her panties to all of the men in front of the hotel too. She was a natural born exhibitionist.

When we entered our suite there was Amanda and another strange girl that looked a lot like her. We were then introduced to “Twat.” Great now I had Acid and Twat, what a proud moment for a father. Amanda had met Twat while she was out walking the streets and had invited her back to our rooms.

Twat was twenty-five years old and about five feet two inches tall. She was a little hefty but kind of cute too. Her black and purple hair was a nice addition to Amanda’s black and blue hair. Twat had her ears opened up to a zero gauge while Amanda just had about twenty holes in her ears. Twat had the blackest eyes that I had ever seen. They were two dark pools that seemed to look right into her soul. It was eerie. She also had an awful lot of tattoos.

After a little conversation with Twat I learned that she had about thirty percent of her body covered with tattoos. To prove it she undressed for me. Twat had a very nice set of 36-B tits. I was not used to having women undress for me like that and I got hard instantly. Well I hadn’t had a chance to relieve myself since that carriage ride or the elevator either. Then my daughter also undressed to show off her tattoos to me. Damn I got even harder then. My cock was really starting to hurt. At least my daughter didn’t have as many tattoos as Twat had. Then they started to compare piercings. Twat had a ring through her septum in her nose while Amanda just had a post through the one side of her nose. Twat had her nipples pierced twice like a cross while Amanda just had one in each nipple sideways. Twat had six piercings in her belly button and six more in her pussy. Amanda had just one in her belly button, one in each of her outer pussy lips, and then she sat back, opened up her pussy for me, and showed me her hood piercing. She said that having her clit pierced like that allowed her to cum constantly as she walked. Now that one excited my wife. Twat also had another piercing in her sternum. Ouch that must have hurt.

I listened as the girls told my wife stories about getting pierced. I could tell that my wife was getting excited about it. Twat said something about taking my wife to her piercing studio the next day. Somehow that excited me even more. My cock really hurt now and I was very uncomfortable..

Twat looked at me and said, “Do you want us to take care of that for you?”

I was simply too much in lust with these two naked women to even think clearly. My wife undressed me as I stood there like a dummy. Then my wife undressed herself too. There I was in a room with three naked women.

Twat said, “I want to watch you fuck your own daughter!”

My wife said, “I’d like to see that myself!”

As I walked toward my own daughter, Amanda walked toward me too. She melted into my arms as we kissed. I had dreamt about fucking Amanda for a few years. I had already fucked my other three daughters several times.

Together Amanda and I melted to the floor. As much as I wanted to fuck Amanda I wanted to check out her piercings even more. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and flicked my tongue back and forth across her barbell. Then I flicked one of the tiny balls up and felt it snap back down in place on her elastic nipple. That was the nipple with the rose tattooed over it. I then went to the other nipple with a butterfly tattooed over it and played with that barbell for awhile too.

From her nipples I went down to her belly button. That was different because it was vertical and had a cute little bell on the lower half that hung in her tiny cave. I could actually hear it tinkling as I flicked it with my tongue. It had a very soft tone to it. Amanda had an Aztec Sun tattooed around her bellybutton.

Obviously I was not done with my quest yet. I went down to her pussy. Amanda was completely shaved bald. She had a tattoo that looked just like Bugs Bunny crawling out of her pussy. It was simply amazing. I just stared at her pierced lips and that pierced hood. As my tongue touched her clit Amanda jumped from sheer delight. That piercing really worked well. I wondered if I could talk my wife into one. Sometimes it is hard to get my wife stimulated. After giving Amanda several orgasms I slithered up her body inserting my cock as I approached her wide-open hole. It slipped in so easily that at first I wasn’t even sure that it was in until I got up to her face and kissed her. Oh yes Amanda has a pierced tongue too. I made a mental note to ask her for a blowjob someday. I have heard a lot talk about how wonderful that piercing feels as it slides along the underside of your cock. I know guys that have paid for that feeling. However at that moment my cock was in my daughter’s pierced pussy and it felt great. Amanda had some fantastic muscles inside her pussy that were trying to milk me dry. I was slamming into her for all I was worth when I felt hands all over my ass. I looked back and saw that both Twat and my wife were fondling my ass, rubbing my back, and playing with my balls. That was more than an old man could take. I shot load after load of hot cum into my youngest daughter. Amanda fucked herself up into me. Together we lay exhausted recovering.

I could not believe it when my wife got between Amanda’s legs and started to lick her clean. Soon Twat joined her. Amanda just lay there having more orgasms as the two women gave her quite a working over.

When things settled down my wife sent Amanda and her new girlfriend into her bedroom and took me into our bedroom. I slept very well that night.

Everyone slept in late that first morning. We just wanted an early lunch so Twat took us to a local place that wasn’t anywhere near as expensive as the hotel restaurant had been. As we ate my wife kept talking about the girls piercings. The next thing I knew we were taking the subway down to Greenwich Village to a piercing and tattoo studio. The man said hello to Twat as soon as she entered the front door. He politely listened as the three girls all talked at once. I could hardly tell what was happening. Apparently my wife was going to get both of her nipples pierced, her belly button, and her pussy lips. But most importantly she wanted her clit hood pierced too. She loved the idea of having orgasms while she walked. She said that she was going to be doing a lot more walking from then on.

So the four of us went into the piercing room with the man. It was so clean that it could have pass for an operating room. I guess in a way that it was. Then I watched as my wife completely undressed for this strange man as if it were nothing at all and then sat up on the edge of the table. The man cleansed both of her nipples and sterilized them. He then put a mark on both sides of her nipples, then got out a needle. He put clamps with rubber bands on them to flatten out my wife’s nipples, then using some antibiotic ointment he stabbed through her nipples as her knuckles turned white holding onto the edge of the table that she was sitting on. With the girls coaching her she sat there as he pierced both nipples, put posts through them, and then screwed on the tiny balls. That was two down and four more to go!

Amanda took a flask out of her pocketbook and handed it to her mother. My wife took a couple of good gulps of it. Amanda said that it was Wild Cherry Brandy, my wife’s favorite and apparently hers too. My wife then lay back to get her belly pierced next. That went pretty well and hardly hurt her at all.

Then she took a couple more gulps of brandy and lay back, putting her feet in the stirrups like she does for her doctor. He marked the three places to be pierced and then started with her clit first. That made my wife clinch her teeth but she wanted him to keep going. Next he pierced both of her outer pussy lips sort of on a diagonal. Finally she was done and had six new piercings.

The guy then told her about keeping them clean. He turned to me and said that I couldn’t suck on her nipples nor have sex with her for a whole month. My daughter laughed at the expression on my face and said that she would be happy to take care of me sexually until her mother could do it again. That made me smile and the piercing guy too. We then watched as my wife got dressed and then I got hit with the bill. Wow! I sure hoped that it would be worth it. Then I realized that I would be able to fuck my daughter for a whole month. Yes it was definitely worth it.

For the next couple of days we hung around the suite and took it easy so that my wife could get to feel a little better. Then Twat wanted to show us a couple of the clubs that she likes to go to down in Greenwich Village. One was Snitch on 21st street and 6th avenue. The other one was LIT on 2nd avenue between 6th and 7th streets.

We started with Snitch first. It was easy enough to get in and the music was way too loud for me. Fortunately in about an hour Twat suggested that we go to LIT because Snitch was dead that night. I sure wouldn’t have called it dead by any means. There were plenty of good looking girls, lots of over priced booze, and the music was certainly nothing that I wanted to listen too. Okay I was ready to try another club.

LIT was not as easy to get into. There was a line of people outside waiting to get in. Twat talked to one of the guys at the door and we were allowed to enter. Apparently Twat was a regular there. The music was just as loud and just as bad as at the other club at least for us old people. The drinks were still overpriced but the women there sure looked a lot better. I really liked the better-looking women. Their skirts were shorter, their tops were sexier, and they danced so provocatively that I got a hard-on. I watched as Amanda and Twat danced on the floor. The bottom of their ass cheeks showed most of the time as they danced. Occasionally I could even see the string of their thong panties up their butt cheeks also. Both of them were almost shaking their titties out of their tops and I loved it. The girls sure had it and were they ever flaunting it. I was enjoying watching my daughter the exhibitionist.

Soon Amanda told us that they were going outside for a few minutes. I assumed that they were going out into the alley to smoke some pot or maybe even something worse.

My wife took that opportunity to get up and dance in front of me near our table. She was feeling much better and apparently the way she was shaking her hips was giving her an orgasm too. She was sure exciting me with her gyrations. A few of the guys around me were watching her too. She started dancing to her small audience, shaking her boobs, and lifting up her short skirt. I was excited but I knew that I couldn’t fuck her, however I could fuck my daughter Amanda.

As Acid and Twat stepped out through the side door of the LIT Club they noticed two other girls that were out there too and a bunch of guys. Everyone seemed to be smoking. Shortly the other two girls went inside leaving Acid and Twat all alone with the guys. One of the guys recognized them as the two girls on the dance floor that were showing their tits and asses off to the whole fucking club. The girls just smiled at the guys and said that they were those girls. Then one of the guys gave them a marijuana cigarette and they smoked it. When they were done smoking the joint and felling pretty mellow the guys asked them to do a little dancing for them and the girls did. Soon the guys were chanting “show us your tits” and the girls took off their tops. They were braless of course and revealed their bare tits to the small crowd. The girls enjoyed the attention and making the guys happy. There were a few comments about their pierced nipples and belly buttons. Soon the guys were chanting “take it all off” and Acid looked at Twat first and then removed her very short shirt and her thong panties in one swift motion to the delight of the guys watching her. Twat shrugged her shoulders and removed her skirt and panties too.

Now the two naked girls were dancing for about twenty guys out in the alley and more guys were coming out all the time. Soon dancing was not enough for them and the guys wanted even more. The girls sucked each other’s nipples for the guys and ran their hands all over the other’s ass. That still wasn’t enough, the guys wanted more. Now there were thirty or forty guys out there. Acid was starting to get a little nervous especially when the guys wanted her to suck on Twat’s cunt for them. Acid loved sucking on Twat’s cunt and had for hours it was that they wanted her to do it in public, for them, on demand.

Twat whispered to her, “Just do it sweetie! Close your eyes and pretend they aren’t even here! Make me cum baby! Make me cum”

Acid got on her knees on the concrete and started eating out Twat’s pussy. She closed her eyes and remembered last night when they were together in bed. Acid had been licking Twat’s clit and had gotten her tongue piercing caught in one of Twat’s pussy rings. Between her tongue on that clit and tugging on that ring Twat had several very powerful orgasms. Acid and Twat had gone into their own little worlds. They no longer knew that anyone was around them.

I had gotten worried when the girls were gone for so long and went looking for them. When I opened the side door to the alley I was stunned by what I saw. There must have been close to a hundred guys out there watching my daughter eating out Twat’s pussy while some guy fucked her from behind. He was just one of many from what I saw and there was a line behind him. Neither girl seemed aware of my presence or even where they were. I picked up their clothes and tapped Amanda on the shoulder until she broke away from Twat. Once both girls came back to reality I hugged them and led them back inside the club to the disappointment of the guys in the alley. I escorted them both into the men’s room because the line for the lady’s room was so long. I pushed them into one stall together and handed them their clothes. When they were dressed and ready I took them back to my wife.

As the girls and I crossed along the edge of the dance floor the guy in the sound booth hit them with a spotlight and announced that they had put on one of the best side alley shows ever and asked them to take a bow. Amanda took her bow but said that she had never been so humiliated in her life. Then the guy in the sound booth started to auction off the videotape from the alley surveillance camera. I went up to the booth and places a couple of one hundred dollar bills against the glass. The auction ended immediately and I went back to my table with the videotape.

We left shortly and headed back to the hotel. The girls adjusted quickly enough and were their old selves by the time we got to the hotel. Amanda had been telling us about how her public nudity and public humiliation between the two girls had excited her to several multiple orgasms before I had snapped her out of it. Even Twat had gotten off on it. My wife admitted that she had gotten very excited while dancing too and not just from her new piercings either. It seems that all of my girls got off on public nudity and public humiliation. Very interesting!

As we walked through the lobby of the Jumeirah Essex House I told the girls to shake their asses like hookers. They did too and they did a very good job of it. Several of the guys in the lobby noticed them that’s for sure.

Once inside the elevator I told the girls to remove their tops and hand them to me. My wife was the first one to do so. Then the two girls did. They about peed themselves when the elevator stopped on the third floor. No one got in. They seem a little relieved until the elevator stopped on the fifth floor. This time two older men got in. My three girls looked straight up at the dial that told them what floor they were on. The two men got out on the sixth floor but this time an older couple got in. I was afraid that the old guy’s pacemaker would malfunction. He just started at the three sets of pierced nipples and licked his lips. His wife was trying very hard to ignore everything that was going on and stare straight forward at the doors. Meanwhile the old guy smiled at me and reached out to touch one of Twat’s nipples. She smiled sweetly at him and lifted her skirt up to her waist and lowered her panties so that he could see her pierced pussy lips. He was just about to touch them when the elevator stopped, the doors opened, and his wife dragged his ass out of that elevator. As the doors closed we all laughed our asses off. The rest of the trip was uneventful, even the walk to our suite.

Once inside our suite the women talked about the excitement that they had felt in the elevator. They were really hooked on public nudity and public humiliation.

The rest of the week was going to be great!

The End

NOTE: Because this is my 100th story I have not turned off the comments as I normally do.

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