Just riding around

Just riding around

Just Riding Around

Tonight began just like all the other nights. My two friends and I were going out drinking and riding around. I was fourteen and my friend Jason was sixteen and Max was going on eighteen. Max knew a guy who would buy us beer and whiskey and not ask any questions. It was my turn to buy, so I gave Max the two twenty’s that I had earned mowing yards the past week.

Max was a big guy, probably six foot two or so and weighed around two hundred pounds. He had a short crew cut and did not shave very often. Jason was a bit taller and was kind of skinny. I being the youngest was the smaller one at five foot ten and soaking wet perhaps weighed one hundred and fifty or so pounds. Max was a muscular guy and Jason was fairly well built with long blonde hair.

We found Max’s friend and picked up several six packs of beer and a bottle of black Jack Daniel’s.
Everyone was drinking and listening to the radio and just having fun. Max was driving and Jason was in the front with him while I was in the back seat. I thought, “The three musketeers, one for all and all for one.”

Max had an older car that was built in the seventies, I think, an Oldsmobile or Buick. Anyway the car was a two-door car, with a big back seat area. I was in charge of opening the beers.

We were way out in the country when Max pulled over and stopped, turned out the lights and turned off the engine. We continued to drink and listen to music on the radio. I did not think anything about this because we had done this many times.

Jason finished his beer and instead of asking for another one and throwing his bottle out the window, he crawled over the front seat and settled into the back seat with me. Instead of asking for another beer, he turned to me and said, “Davie old boy, Max and I are going to fuck you.” I am going to fuck you in the mouth and Max is going to fuck you in you ass.” I thought, “this is a joke.”

Jason unzipped his pants and loosened his belt and then pulled his pants and shorts down to his knees. He found his cock and started to jack off. I still thought, “ this is a joke.” I could not help but notice that he had a cock around eight inches in length and very thick. He noticed that I was looking at his cock and said, “you like what you see?” I replied that I was not gay and they knew it! Jason said that if I did not suck and fuck that they were going to tell all our friends that I did, but if I went along with this that they would not say a word to anyone. Jason’s cock looked very hard and he put his hand behind my head and began to force my head into his lap. I was saying, “Noooooooo don’t do this, I am not gay”!!

I was looking at he head of his cock. I was about a half-inch from my face. Jason said,” open your mouth and take it, take a big mouth full!” I was pleading, “Noooooo, Noooooo don’t!” Then Jason grabbed my arm and forced it up my back. It hurt and I gasped for breath. At the same time his other hand was on the back of my head and forced my open mouth onto his fully erect and hard cock.

Now his cock was in my mouth. I felt the head go to the back of my throat. His hips started moving up and down and his cock was fucking me in the mouth. He said, “Suck it, suck it.” His cock had no unpleasant taste, so I tried to suck a little. At this point I just wanted to get it over with. I had never sucked a cock before, but I remembered how my aunt used to suck me off, so I tried to do the same thing to Jason’s cock. My mouth started to water as he forced fucked my mouth. He was big and I was having trouble taking it. I was trying to get him to finish so I tried to suck a bit more. He removed his had from the back of my head and let go of my arm. In return I tried to take it all as best I could. I was gagging and my mouth was sloppy wet. I swallowed and continued to suck. I could not help but gag every so often. His cock was big and I could feel his cock head in the back of my throat. I would come up for air and think his cock head is the size of a big purple plum. I would then go back down on his cock and suck and slobber. I felt a sudden jerk in his hips and felt his had on the back of my head again. He was moving his hips up and down in rhythm with my sucking. All of the sudden he moaned. He held my head down and I felt the big purple plum at the back of my throat. He moaned again and I felt his cock spew come down my throat. He came and came, jerking and jerking. I could do nothing but swallow. His hand had my head forced down almost the full length of his cock. “Suck that sumbitch!” he yelled. He came again, I swallowed and I swallowed again and again.

Finally in what seemed like an hour I felt his cock grow smaller and he grabbed the hair on my head and pulled my mouth off his cock. I was coughing and gasping for breath. “Here.” He said, have a drink of beer. I took some beer and my throat felt better and after a minute or two my breathing came back to normal.

Jason just sit there for a minute and then he pulled his shorts and pants up, zipped and buckled. He looked at me and said, “Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” I did not say anything, I just took another swig of the beer. As I sat there I became aware that my cock was hard as a brick.

Jason crawled back over to the front seat and said, "OK Max, his ass is yours.”

Max and Jason changed places in the front seat and Max crawled over the back of the front seat and settled next to me in the back seat. Max looked at me and smiled. He said, “you better take a long pull on the Jack Daniel’s, because this is going to take a while.”

Max went on to say, “ If you do as I tell you, it will be easier for you and me.” At this point I knew I was had so I said, “ I’ll do what ever you want, just promise that you guys won’t ever tell anyone.”
I looked over at Max and he had his pants and shorts down and was stroking his cock. His cock was about seven inches long and not as thick as Jason’s cock.

Max said.” You move over here where I am and I will move to where you are.” We exchanged seats and he said for me to remove my shoes, pants and shorts. “ Max”, I said, “please don’t do this, I am not gay and you and I have been friends for a long time...so please don’t fuck me in my ass.”

Max replied,” I have been looking a your tight ass for a long time. I wanted to fuck you the first day I met you. I wanted you ass naked and spread open for my cock. Your ass is finer than that Lopez chick. I have never seen a man with an ass shaped like yours. I am going to stick my cock in your ass and I am going to fuck you slow and steady. You are going to get all seven inches of my cock up your ass. You are going to feel my balls bounce off you fat little cheeks, and you are going to like it. I am going to come deep in your ass and you are going to feel everything, my cock head, my long shaft and my hot come shooting and spurting as I climax. You are going to feel like a girly bitch in about twenty minutes. Now turn around and get on your knees with your ass sticking up toward the front seat. I could do nothing but comply.

Max said, “ Jason, look at that ass, is that a perfect teardrop ass or what? Look at those rounded bubble cheeks. Damn, my dick is hard.”

I felt Max behind me on his knees. He put his knees between mine and pushed my knees apart. I felt his hands on my waist and his cock up against my ass cheeks. He placed his hands on my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I could feel his cock head slide up and down my crack. I felt his cock head find my ass hole. He just rested there for a minute. He let go of my ass cheeks and they went around his cock griping his cock, squeezing it. “Damn”, he said ,“Even his butt cheeks are tight.” His hands spread my butt cheeks again and he spit on the top of my ass crack. I could feel his spit slide down my ass crack. Max then pushed his cock head at my hole and jumped and tighten up. He then slapped my ass hard and pushed again. I felt my asshole relax a bit and he had the head of his cock in my ass. He asked if I was all right and I replied, “yeah I think so.”

My mind drifted to an earlier time.

Since I turned twelve or thirteen, hard to remember, I have been aware of my ass. My aunt was the first to make me aware of my ass. The summer that I spent with her between my twelfth and thirteenth birthday will stay with me the rest of my life. My mother’s sister was around twenty-three and just out of college and was working as a teacher at the local high school. She had a nice condo and lived very comfortable.

Well, anyway, I was sent to spend the summer with her because my mother and father were having some problems. So, I was shipped off to spend the summer with my aunt. My aunt was single and very, very good looking. She had coal black medium length hair, eyes that were electric blue and kind of wide apart. Her eyes were encased with the longest eyelashes that I had ever seen. Her cheekbones were high on her face and well defined. Her mouth was perfect, with full pouty lips. She weighed around one hundred and twenty pounds and she was nearly five foot seven. Her ass was the bubble type that was just perfectly round and her long legs made her back arch which emphasized her tiny waist. She had very large breasts, which she tried to hide with the large tops she always wore.

We got along very well and had a lot of fun together...We would go to movies and eat out a lot. It was summer so she did not work and we slept late very often.

I became aware of my ass as a result of getting in trouble with my aunt. Looking back, I think I was set up, because slamming the door and breaking the door glass did not seem like a big deal to me. To my thinking the windy day caused to door to slam shut, not anything that I had done. I now think that she just wanted to punish me. She told me that she would have to spank me for breaking the door. I thought, okay...she can’t hurt me, she is not big enough.

It was just getting late evening and we were in the kitchen when she turned to me and said it was time for my spanking. She said she was going to use her hand to spank me. I thought big deal! I was standing in the middle of the kitchen when she came up behind me and told me to bend over.

I had never been spanked before, so I just bent over and put my hands on my knees. She proceeded to slap my butt four or five times. She paused and told me to stand up and drop my pants. I thought again no big deal as I still had my jockey shorts on. I stood up and opened my belt and dropped my pants. She said, “bend over and put your hands on the kitchen table”. After I complied, she began slapping my ass with her hand. While it stung a bit, it kind of felt good. All of the sudden she stopped and rested her hand on my ass. I felt her stroke and squeeze my butt cheeks. I did nothing and did not move, as it felt good. To my surprise her hand pulled my jockey shorts over my ass cheeks and her hand was moving between my legs. She said spread your feet a bit. As I did, her hand was cupping my balls and cock. Now I was getting a hard-on and as a twelve-year-old I was carrying around seven inches.

My aunt starting telling me about my ass and how fine it was and how she loved the way my jeans fit between my ass cheeks. She told me that my dick was big for a twelve-year-old and she withdrew her had and started slapping, stroking and squeezing my ass again. After about twenty or so slaps, she said, “stand up”. As I did she came around in front of me and placed her hand around my now swollen cock and started to stroke it.

I did nothing and said nothing. She said that she was sorry for her conduct, but that she had been looking at my ass and lusting for me for a long time. She said that, as I grew older, one day my ass was going to get me in serious trouble. She made me swear not to tell anyone about her spanking me and that she needed my trust. She said that I could trust her and not to worry and that no one would know of this. She said that she was going to teach me about making love. She ask me if I would like that? I kind of stammered, and said,”Yeesssss."

She then removed her top, exposing a set of tits that were size of cantaloupes. She then removed her bra and I noticed that her tits stuck up and out, were firm and did not sag at all. She had pencil eraser size nipples that were sticking straight out from her quarter-sized areola.

My cock was so hard that I thought it was going to burst. I said nothing, as she brought her fully puckered lips to my mouth and kissed me. Her lips felt soft, full, like a pillow. After a few seconds, she parted her lips and sent her tongue flickering into my mouth. She withdrew and slowly sank to her knees. With her hand around my cock I felt her full soft lips encircle the head of my cock. My knees felt like jelly, but I would not let her know. Her lips felt wonderful, and I could feel a gentle sucking on the head of my cock. My hard on was as big as it had ever been. Then I felt her lips slide down my shaft and her mouth open as she took most all of my cock into her mouth. I felt her tongue slide around the head of my dick and she increased the suction.

She was making little “mmmmmm” humming sounds as she took my cock in and out of her mouth. Her mouth was wet, sloppy and hot.

It started as a feeling deep in my loins and burst fourth so quickly that she almost came off of my cock. Once she realized that I was coming, she tried to take all of my cock deep into her throat. I was gasping for breath as I thought my balls were going to explode. I came hard and grasped the table for support. She took it all, and swallowed and gagged a bit as I had my hand on the back of her head. I forced my cock into her mouth and came again. I knew about coming because I had been jacking off for about a year. After my third thrust into her mouth, things subsided a bit, but she continued to suck my cock. My cock softened and she got it all into her mouth and continued to gently suck and lick.

She stood up and said.”That my young nephew, was a blowjob.” She went behind me again and told me to bend over. I did as I was told. I felt her wet finger between my cheeks. I jerked as she found my ass hole and gently slid her finger up my ass. With one hand on my back and one finger up my ass, she fucked my ass with her finger. It began to feel good, but she withdrew and said, “enough for now, but we will do more and you will learn more, I am a teacher you know.”

It was one summer that I will always remember. I was taught how to fuck and kiss a pussy. I was taught the sixty-nine thing. She always smelled good and seemed to be horny all the time. She was beautiful everywhere. Now that I think about it, she even had a pretty pussy. I learned how to get most of it in my mouth while using my tongue to massage her clit. She taught me everything. She would let me fuck her ass every once in a while. She continued to spank me all summer long. She said that she loved my ass. She would lube up her dildo and slide it up my ass. I had a hard time getting used to her dildo, but she was very patient and slow as she finally got all seven inches of it up my ass. She would fuck my ass with her dildo and suck my cock at the same time. She would swallow every thing I had to offer. I got to the

point where I was coming in large amounts. I knew it was more and more as her pussy was always full and running over when I finished fucking her there.

I felt Max pull my hips toward him and my ass ring muscle give in and he had his cock head in my ass past my spinster muscle. My asshole was stinging and it hurt. I cried out as he forced the rest of his cock up my ass. Damn, having a cock in my ass hurt. But, about the time that I thought I could not stand it anymore, Max would pull out. I heard a “pop” sound and my ass felt better. My ass felt better for just a few seconds and Max had his cock head pushing again at my ass hole. It did not hurt or sting as much the second time and Max said to breathe deeply. I was gasping for breath and my asshole was hurting and burning and stinging. I was really getting fucked in the ass. Max was going deep and as he said I felt his ball bounce against my ass cheeks. “Pop” Max withdrew again and the stinging and burning subsided a bit. His cock head was in my ass hole again and he pushed deep. This time it did not hurt as much. He did not go all the way out on his third stroke. He just pushed in again. He was really fucking me now. The pain had gone away some and he was fucking me slow and deep. My ass muscles relaxed a little and he was now going at a steady rhythm. I was being fucked in the ass and it was begining to feel better...almost good.

I thought that if I pushed back he might come quicker. So we seemed to communicate...his cock and my ass hole. Max was wearing me out. My ass was somehow responding to his cock thrusts. I began to feel strange feelings......like a girl might feel. Like a girl being fucked, getting her cherry popped. Little whimping noises were coming from deep inside me. Little squeals and sounds that I never knew I could make.

Max was fucking me like a dog. His cock had complete control of my ass. I was sticking my ass up to get more of his cock...I was beginning to like it. My cock was hard as a rock and I thought I was going to come. Damn, I did come, I am coming like a racehorse. Little noises were still coming from me. I was being fucked up the ass and I loved it.

Max begin moaning and jerking and forcing his cock deep. His cock was in me deep and he stopped and I felt him come in my ass. His hot juices were filling me up. Once, twice, three times his cock went deep in my ass as he came. He was jerking and moaning and his thrusts slowed and stopped. He let his cock shrink and slide out of my ass. Max did not move and I could feel his soft cock being held in the crack of my ass. I felt his come dripping out of my ass. I have just been sodomized in my mouth and my ass and I like it. I thought to myself, “ Am I now officially gay?”

Max got up and pulled his shorts and pants on and told me do the same thing. He climbed back to the front seat and told Jason to get going. We did not say a word all the way to my house. It was late so my parents were probably asleep.

We pulled in my driveway and it was very dark and quiet. Max opened the front door and pulled the front seat back so that I could get out. I was stepping out backwards. As I got out Max reached between my legs and grabbed my cock and balls and held me half way out of the car. He said, “ We really enjoyed tonight. Just remember that your ass is mine and I am going to fuck you in you ass as often as I want. Jason there is going to fuck you in you mouth as often as he wants. So get used to it.” Max then undid my belt and forced his hand down the back of my pants and took a hand full of my ass cheeks. He slid his hand between my ass cheeks and forced two fingers up my come filled asshole. A low moan came from somewhere within me and exposed my pleasure as I pushed my ass back on his hand.

Max removed his hand and I got out of the car doorway and zipped up and tightened my belt. Max said,” Next time we are going to fuck you in the mouth and the ass at the same time. So when we hang out again, do not wear any underwear”

As I walked up to the front door of my parents house. I thought, “Ok so I got fucked tonight, now I like fucking women and men. Opens a whole New World for me, I just have to be careful and keep my mouth shut. Except for certain special occasions. Not too bad for a guy who is fourteen going on fifteen”.

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