Years ago I worked cleaning a local hotel. It was just before I met Barry and I was still horny even back then. I went through a phase of wearing stocking and suspenders and still do now when we go swinging and for him in the bedroom.
I will recount as much as I can from the morning, this happened in a 5 star hotel in Australia.
Today was a boring slow day, not many rooms occupied so it wouldn’t take long to finish and luckily my friend was helping me as an extra and she sometimes came swinging with me when my boyfriend was away. I knocked on the room door and when I got no answer I opened it and walked in letting the door close behind me which I don’t do when somebody is in the room. I saw nobody there but the bathroom door was closed, not unusual I thought so started wiping the table and then I moved to the bed to strip and re make it.

I pulled the sheet off and had to kneel on the bed to pull the fitted sheet over the corner of the mattress. “SHITTTT” a hand had touched my ass. I spun my head around and saw a woman and a man standing there stark naked, him sporting a hard on pointing to the roof, maybe about 8 inches so not too big. I didn’t move I just looked in surprise and then turned and sat on the bed getting a good look at his erection.
His female partner was about my height but her breasts where much smaller at around 32b at a guess, small in comparison to my 36C tits.

“I’m Err sorry” I blurted out “I called out but didn’t hear anyone so I just came in and started cleaning “I was so embarrassed. He didn’t move just standing in front of me less than 3 feet away. His cock was throbbing and bouncing gently with his pulse. His wife however had sat on the desk chair similar to the square chairs that you get at dressing tables. Her hand had moved between her thighs and was resting against her pubis.
“Please carry on don’t let us stop you” he told me and backed off slightly.

I turned and bent over again grabbing the edge of the fitted sheet and put my knee back on the bed. This had the effect of stretching my tight skirt around my thighs and in the mirrors I saw that my stocking tops were plainly visible to everyone.

I moved to the other side of the bed and then I saw his wife with her fingers inside herself slowly gently masturbating as she watched me working. Her husband’s cock was twitching and leaking semen and his balls looked huge.

“You’ll have to excuse me looking at you” he suddenly broke the silence, “I have a fetish for stockings but my wife doesn’t like them, she doesn’t dislike them but refuses to wear them” and he unconsciously took his cock and started rubbing the shaft. “If you aren’t too busy would you mind if I look at you, we promise neither of us will approach you or try anything you don’t want “he promised.

Suddenly his wife reached over and took $100 from her purse.
“If you let him watch and bend over for him you can keep the money, if he’s allowed to touch you I’ll make it worth your while” she finished. I walked over and took the money then put it on the bed then simply turned around and put my leg back on the firm mattress and bent over.

“OOOOOHHHHH HONEY, LOOK AT THAT” and he moved to my rear, I could see him in the mirrors which were on all the walls, so you could see all around the room.
Wifey was frigging herself as she watched him watching me.
“Go on touch her love, feel that silk if she doesn’t want to she’ll tell you I’m sure”.

They seemed genuine and harmless so I bent all the way forward and rested my head on the bed. My skirt had now risen above my buttocks and clinging to my bum cheeks. What they didn’t know yet was that I never wear undies so that surprise was still to come.
I slid my knees along the mattress opening my thighs wider; I was getting aroused at the thought of this couple looking up my skirt. I reached my hand back to him and he took it. I pulled him closer and put it on my skirt covering my ass and moved it back to the bed leaving his hand there.

“GROPE HER love, go on she’s telling you to” she was getting excited now.
Her husband tentatively gave me a quick squeeze and I turned and blew him a kiss. He got quickly adventurous then and started groping me harder. Then a hand disappeared under my skirt hem and started running up the length of my thigh from my knee to the edge of my stockings.
“OH FUCK THAT ’S SO FUCKING NICE” he was groaning loud. Then his wife came over and took the hem in her hands and pulled the skirt over my bum cheeks and onto my hips.

“JESUS LOVE, LOOK AT THAT, no panties, the slut was ready for action” they’d turned from being quite to getting really aroused now. She sat on the bed next to me and started fondling my thighs as he stood behind me touching me.
She moved in front of me pushing past my left arm pushing me to my feet. Then she sat on the bed in front of me and pulled my hands so they were on the bed on either side of her.
“Can he touch you, can my husband touch your pussy” she almost begged “He loves big breasts and as you see I’m not blessed” playing with her tits right in front of me.

I was getting very horny now with the erotic situation, the smell of peoples sex as they got excited and the nearness of this very attractive women in her mid thirties sitting between my arms, I’m bisexual so it wasn’t doing me any good.
“Can he touch you” she asked again.
My eyes were closed and I just whispered “YES”.

With that she moved forward on the bed, her face resting against the blouse covering my heaving large tits and turned her heads sideways leaning against them.
That wasn’t so much as a shock as to what she did next. Her hand slid under my groin and reached through grabbing her husband’s hand and dragged it under my pussy. Then she lay on her back, pulled her legs up and put her feet on the mattress next to my arms and started masturbating with her fingers and rubbing the outside of her sex smelling pussy inches from my face.

“OOOOHHHH SHITTTTT” he was running his fingers around the outside of my wet cunt now, testing me making sure I wasn’t going to complain. We all heard the moisture as he rubbed over the swollen pussy lips lubricated by my copious juices.
“She dripping honey” he told his exhibitionist wife.

All the time he was rubbing his hands over the silk materiel and snapping the suspender elastic against my legs. I reached under me and grabbed his hand roughly pulling it to the gaping lips of my pussy and pushed his fingers inside me.
“FUCKING BITCH” his wife groaned as she delved deep inside her own cunt with several fingers.
“Move “he suddenly blurted and grabbed me pulling me away. He threw himself on the bed, his head over the edge and told me to back up to him.
I moved back against the bed and his face was directly under me and he was looking straight up at my shaved pussy, my skirt pulled tight above my buttocks and his nose less than a foot from my sodden cunt as I faced away and looked at the wall in front of me.
His wife mounted the bed, took his raging hard on and straddled his body then guided him to her pussy and sat on him. His hands were wedged under each suspender belt and he was making loud noises as his wife fucked him and he played with the silk and garter belt.

I was spun around to face them and pulled back over his face and pulled so that I now knelt on the bed in front of her. Our mouths met and she started passionately kissing me her tongue trying to pull my tonsils out. His hand found the crack of my ass and started playing with my anus.
“FUCKKKKK” wifey had rammed several fingers in my dripping cunt and had started just frigging me like there was no tomorrow “OOHHH SHITTTT” I groaned as her other hand squeezed my tit in front of her.

Riding his cock and kissing me she was masturbating me as I was pulled down so I sat on his face now.
“SHITTTTTT” his tongue was driving me crazy darting in and out of my cunt, I knew I was going to cum and soon.
“FUCK YOUUUU”I screamed, grabbed her shoulders and squatted deeper on his face. He was sucking on my clit now and flicking his tongue over it.

“DO IT! Cum on his face for it!! “She begged again.
“FUCKKKKKKK...YESSSSSSS” and I came as hard as I can remember for years even Barry hadn’t made me orgasm this fucking hard.
I lifted off his face slightly and looked down as we all watched my juices pour out of me onto his face beneath us. “DIRTY FUCKKKKING WHORE” he groaned as he thrust inside his wife and impaled her deep with his rock hard dick.

“JEUS CHRIST” she answered back as she started her own orgasm her hips grinding in circles against the cock inside her.
All the time he was still holding the elastic of my suspenders and pulling them tight.

As they both finished their orgasms I dropped on the bed, my skirt still around my waist, fuck it I’d gone past the embarrassing stage by now and lay there with my thighs spread wide open and shaking.
We all calmed down and his wife reached over and planted a nice kiss on my lips lingering and moving her lips against mine.
“You’ll need some panties on now” she told me and as she stood she handed me a pair of very, very expensive silk knickers smelling of channel No5.

“SHIT he’s still hard” I told his wife.
“MMMM something of a problem ...sometimes” she commented. “By the way seeing as we’ve just fucked each other I’m Sandra and this is my husband Mike.
“Hi I’m Bev “I told them.
“We know you have a name badge “she told me laughing.

“Do you often wear nylons” she asked
“Just about always, I love them”,
She looked at her husband who nodded and reaching over she handed me a business card and another $200! Then she pulled my skirt down, kissed me again and told me she was going to shower.
Her husband waited until she was gone and grabbed me pulled me to him and tongue kissed me madly...”PLEASE call me, we’re locals...sort of but I’ll arrange for you to be picked up”. Then he went to the shower as well.
I left and put my cart away and went home exhausted.
A few days later I rang the number and Mike answered it. After it registered who I was he asked if I’d like to have dinner at the Carlton crest on Friday and maybe stay over as his wife was away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell! The Carlton crest was one of the swankiest 5 star hotels in town....WELLL I DON’T KNOW!!

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