Mother-In-Law Sex Pt 4, Ex Mother-in-Law

Mother-In-Law Sex Pt 4, Ex Mother-in-Law

Mother-in-Law Sex, Pt4: Ex Mother-in-Law
I was offered a 3 month consulting position in another Asian country where I had worked before, and in fact where I had been married before for 6 years, before my then-wife ran off with another man and demanded a divorce, which I didn’t want and fought to keep her, win her back, but after 2 years reluctantly agreed.

Into my third week, I was in the local market, around the corner from the small house which had been provided me, and I literally ran into my ex-mother-in-law.
Ironically, the 2 languages in my new countries of recent years used the word ‘Mae’ for ‘Mother’; Mae thus being the word I had grown accustomed to using for the mother of my wife, and had used for many years now.
‘Mae!” I said automatically, after I had expressed my apologies for bumping her, before looking at the face of the affected person. She smiled and accepted my apology, before we exchanged pleasant greetings, which she surprisingly began by kissing me lightly on both cheeks.
I hadn’t seen her for about 3 years, and she had slimmed quite a bit, but was still a heavy-set woman, younger than me –her ex-son-in-law – by some years, and she now looked still a big woman, but her big breasts and hips seemed more in proportion with a slimmer stomach area, and her face had always been beautiful, the skin quite perfectly smooth. She was lovely to look at, even sexy when she smiled. She asked what I was doing back, where was I living…and we exchanged mobile numbers and I told her where my house was, promising to have dinner one day before I left. She again, uncharacteristically, kissed both my cheeks as we parted, smiling invitingly, and swayed herself away.

Back to my shopping, it was hard to concentrate and not picture the ex-Mae who had just appeared. I gave up and headed home with whatever I had bought for my dinner; when I unpacked I had to chuckle as I had obviously gone into cloud cuckoo-land: my shopping goods straddled the gamut of a big grocery shopping expedition – but was certainly not what I had set out to buy to make a dinner for myself!
My phone rang. “What about dinner tonight?” my renewed-Mae asked. I had to laugh, before explaining that it was a great idea, considering what I had bought at the market. She asked what did I buy, and when I ran through the list spread out on the table in front of me, Mae said she could do something with me and those items, and she would bring the necessary extras.
My cock answered for me, “I think I would enjoy that; see you tonight Mae”.
Why would I get aroused just at a few words, I asked myself, as I shifted my prick in my shorts to make it more comfortable. Lonely perhaps, yes; sexy mother-in-law-type lady: probably I nodded to myself.

She arrived about 5pm – pretty early, I thought. But looking at her as she came in the door, I certainly didn’t complain, only that I needed to spruce up also. Mae had clearly showered, washed her hair, and she was wearing a soft-material blouse, sized to show off her tits very nicely, and a pair of nylon pants which showed her ample, sensuous buttocks, complete with crease between, and at the front rode right up to show a protruding pussy outline. After nervously settling her in the TV room, I said I needed to shower, and she said she was ok, and would start preparing the food.
I left her to it, as I retreated upstairs to the bathroom next to my bedroom, with images bouncing across my eyes and lodging in my imagination, fuelling it like a shuttle about to launch! What a sight she made I thought! Not having seen her, nor really thought of her, for some 3 years, the surprise at her changes in appearance was totally founded, and those changes were overwhelmingly positive, sexy and beautiful.
As I soaped and lathered, my prick picked up (‘pricked up?’) on my thoughts, and took more washing than usual-given its growth in size. Once finished, I dressed in clean shorts, smoothed down my cock, and a nice t-shirt, and trying to be calm, walked back downstairs.

Mae was clearly satisfied with her preparations, as she was lounging on the sofa watching TV, and motioning me to sit beside her, where she had put a beer-just as I like: glass with ice, can in a holder. “When would you like to eat?” she asked, turning towards me to clink glasses and ‘cheers’. Not yet hungry (normally I eat much later than this time), I said whenever Mae wanted to eat was ok with me.
She exclaimed “Good!” there is a movie on now I would like to see; is that ok?” “Sure” I responded and settled in to the sofa, beer in hand, attractive woman beside me…what else could I need, for the moment.

The movie was on the digital sat-TV, so it showed the sexier moments (unlike the local TV channels which blotted them out). During the screening at each sensual scene, I noticed Mae squirming on the sofa, bringing her inside leg closer to mine each time, before eventually touching. “OW!” I almost shrieked as the touch of her nylon material on my bare leg generated a static electricity shock to my skin!
In turn, Mae jumped up, saying “sorry, sorry – what is it?” I calmed her down, and myself, took hold of her hand and lightly touched her pants: the shock was still there, this time for both, and she stepped back, saying “you are excited, aren’t you!”
“No!” I replied, “But I have always been sensitive to shocks like that naturally!, and you shocked me…and, well, you are still shocking me, because I haven’t seen you for a long time, and now you are here and you look so good, and, well, so beautiful and, well, sexy if I can say that, and maybe that’s why there was electricity between us, and…” I stopped talking as it’s difficult to talk when one mouth rushes to cover another’s mouth, and smother it with lips and tongue, as indeed my ex-mother-in-law was doing.
“Mae!” I gasped, twisting my mouth. She didn’t let up for another minute, forcing her tongue in against mine, and then she calmed a little to say “Why did you marry my daughter? I was ready and available for you; I wanted you first! Now I want you, for myself –please. Keep it in the family!” Although we were no longer ‘family’, her words resonated as being the same as the words used by my current mother-in-law, my grandmother-in-law (bless her spirit), and the neighbour who appeared as an almost reincarnation of Pai. She planted her mouth back on mine, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me across the sofa to lay draped on her body. She was bigger than I, stronger even, and my skinny body (I prefer slim) fitted easily inside her arms, inside her spread legs, and my mouth fitted nicely against hers.
She laid herself down to the left, along the sofa, carrying me with her, my left arm moving now to snuggle under her neck and my right with free movement which I decided to use by cupping a large breast, the left, the one not squashed against my ribs on the side we were cuddling.

I interrupted to point out I should close the curtains from the street, and disentangled myself to do so. When I turned back, Mae had removed those electric pants, and was lying along the sofa, but spread-eagled on her back, playing with the buttons of her blouse; waiting. I stood over her, quickly deciding if my life was now meant to please those ladies ‘in the family’- who am I to deny Fate?
I stripped off my t-shirt, leant down and took over the job of undoing the buttons on Mae’s blouse, peeling it away to reveal those very large, bra-covered Tits. My heavens, they were as big as I had always suspected/imagined, and being a lover of nice, big boobs, I nuzzled my nose and mouth on the mounds above the bra cups as I unhooked the front clasps and released those…those-so-beautiful, and as I felt-so-smooth- breasts; they were wonderful!
I retrieved my brain, and lowered my mouth to Mae’s, hers open and inviting, sweet with a lip gloss somehow recently applied, her tongue waiting for mine as I slowly moved in and entwined mine with hers, slowly, very slowly, as I used my hands to strip off my shorts – no underwear at home, ever – and laid my naked body alongside hers on the sofa. Mae was soft and pliant, and we melded from feet to chest, only her panties between us. She released my tongue and murmured “Are you hungry, son?” and I said “Yes” as I pressed her back into the sofa – she thought to get up and prepare dinner food! – but I moved myself down her body, lightly brushing two nipples as I passed my mouth along, caressing her belly button, then using my teeth to grab the elastic top of her brief panties and tugged them down her hips, over her buttocks (using my hands now also, so as not to tear them like stories tell!) and down past her pussy, where my mouth stopped, allowing my hands to complete the job of taking them down off her feet.

Now we were naked, and my mouth watered as it hovered over a newly-shaved cunt: Mae had prepared for this I thought in loving wonder, as I lowered my lips and kissed the lips open before me, glistening with pearls of a sweet dew which I sucked into my mouth. As we both moaned, we also both twisted and squirmed on the sofa to more comfortable positions, Mae supine on the sofa, me raising my legs in between hers, keens tucked up, but mouth now glued to her pussy. Her hands reached down to caress, and her nails to lightly scratch, up and down my back, my hands reaching up to hold and massage both breasts, barely fitting into my hands but experienced as they were, hands able to knead and caress, and fingers able to tweak and tug and stimulate the engorged nipples they were finding. We moaned together again, as I began using my mouth for what it was made: eating. “Yes, I am hungry, Mae: for this!” and I delved inside her outer lips for a first taste of her inside offering. Oh, heavens, I thought, this is so sweet, as I licked and slurped at the juices given freely to me, continuously.
I moved my hands under her full, firm but soft buttocks, as she spread her knees wide to open up. Mae’s husband, my ex-wife’s father, had left them after that daughter, the only child, was born. I knew Mae had some male friends in the past, but I knew nothing about any sex life; can’t have been too much it seemed, as my tongue delved into a very tight pussy, juicy and wet as it was, and as emotionally open as it was. I probed and licked and circled; found a protruding clitoris to suck on, raising the volume of groans from Mae, as she raised her hips to push firmly against my mouth. That love tunnel needed something stronger than my tiring tongue, and clearly Mae felt it was time too, as her hands gently tugged my head and body upwards.
As I have mentioned earlier, I am a skinny 52kgs, but my cock is considered quite large in Asia, where women I have known tell me local men are generally smaller (no offence guys really), so the gasp from Mae was not unexpected when my circumcised, bulbous head slurped up and down her slit, bathing in the juices preparing for entry.
When Mae seemed to tense a little, I decided to change positions and eased up, guiding Mae to roll over, on to her spread knees and lean her head and torso down on to the pillows of the sofa, raising her buttocks to where she felt my full-length cock waiting.

Her puckered arse-hole beckoned and I leaned in to swipe my tongue over it, licking down towards her pussy, before I licked back up over it, lingering, and then straightened and resumed slathering my cock with her juices. She pushed back, and I slid forward, the head of my cock lodged in the opening of her cunt, and was swallowed by an immensely strong suction, as tight as it was in that tunnel, her sucking power was enormous, or my cock was throbbing itself inside without any conscious thought of mine. We slid together until pubic hair and balls nestled against pubic hair and buttocks. So tight, so hot inside, my cock could pulse itself and feel the envelope of Mae’s pussy walls surrounding it like a skin.
I used my hands on her buttocks to spread her as wide as possible, drawing my cock back slowly, and pumping back in all the way to some barrier at the depths of my length. She hadn’t flinched, hadn’t pulled away, but now groaned and then muttered “oh son, that is so big, it’s been so long, feels so wonderful having you at last – I have waited a long time, now you are mine this time”. I leaned over her back, gently kissing and slithering my tongue on her skin, my hands could now move under her to feel her pussy lips encasing my cock, tweak her clit to further arousal, then up to cup both large breasts and use my thumb and forefinger to delight her surprisingly long, thick nipples.
Now I began my method of fucking, the way I used my cock when I truly wanted to offer the maximum pleasure to a woman long denied perhaps: draw my cock slowly to her opening, then a series of shallow, slow strokes an inch or two inside, nine times my usual starting number, then plunging a full length suddenly, deeply inside, and a long, slow withdrawal. If I was feeling able to hold off cumming myself – sometimes a man knows today is one able to last a long time, other days not – I could repeat the nine slow strokes just inside, and today I did just that, evading Mae’s cunt grasping for my cock, trying to suck it back all the way.

This is not torture of an evil kind; my whole method was, I hoped, designed to bring the body under/over me, and that body’s emotions, building to a point where it had reached its limit, no option left but to orgasm, to explode in a climax for as long as possible.
I varied the sequence of slow thrusts, so she never knew when I would plunge, could never tell herself “ah, number 6, get ready for the deep one…” maybe I would do after 2 slow, short ones, or 5, or 3 long plunges, fast and furious bang, bang, bang!
Bang Mae came! She pushed back, knocking me backwards on to my arse, but so fierce was her thrust that we remained joined and she found herself sitting on my cock, her weight burying it inside her cunt to its maximum. She screamed – not a groan, or a moan: a scream, which I hoped the neighbours wouldn’t hear – and threw her head back, long hair flaring out and down her back, as she took over and began bouncing up and down, squirming around to feel me everywhere inside her cunt, everywhere the nerves got a jolt of pleasure at the contact of my prick.
She had reduced her volume and now just (just!) squealed and hissed as she oozed juice out coating our groins and legs, and was joyously experiencing a series of climaxes, made more intense when she leaned her back closer to me, to a point where I could reach around for her tits and slightly more roughly rub and fondle them, pulling her nipples out, stretching them, and stretching her squeal for longer moments while she basked in these multiple orgasms. In truth, to me, it had been feeling more like climbing a series of increasingly steep mountains, each with its own peak, until the highest one was gained: the grumbling that was lurking down inside this summit was the volcano within my prick which now blew white and hot in one continuous eruption of my juice, amidst joint moans and squeals: the Cloud and the Rain bathed us in the bliss of ecstasy felt together.

Mae had no strength to move, so in this position I just rolled her to the side, spooning into her, and still joined by my subsiding prick within her, one arm under her neck and the other across her, both cuddling a breast, my lips grazing her neck and hair and sucking on the earlobes which were a fetish of mine, we breathed heavily as we tried to prolong the feelings which had reached such heights; inevitably, we gradually calmed and drifted off into a dreamland.

I stirred after a while, woken by a pulsing around my cock still soft but caught in Mae’s pussy; she was gently moving her hips, stimulating my prick to wakefulness, so I let her know she had succeeded by holding her breasts tighter, and my cock began a slow swan-diving motion into her, flaring like the arms of a diver before tucking in to slice through the water, or juices in my case. I thrust my pelvis and cock nicely deep, surfacing and immediately leaning my body back in, but slowly and gently now, a sucking cunt pulling my prick in, then relaxing as I eased back. Repeatedly my cock did its part of the erotic dance we were having, my legs spooning hers, my toes scratching lightly on any part of her feet they touched, my hands roaming her upper body, stroking her neck and ears and down across her abdomen, but always, always returning to those superb breasts which spilled out of my hands as I rubbed my palms across her nipples, and my lips nibbled that earlobe and neck again.
She reached behind with one hand and pulled my tight, skinny bum hard into her, and then she came softly, a little shudder, a little groan, a large sigh of contentment as I pushed to the depths within and once again jetted several bursts of spunk inside Mae’s sucking tunnel of desire.

At some point, we eased apart and rose from the sofa and, while I put the food away in the refrigerator – both now sated and not hungry for food by mutual agreement – Mae showered. I lit a post-coital cigarette, and replenished my body’s fluids with a beer, resisting the natural urge to join Mae in the shower: I was tired, and tomorrow was a working day, even if Saturday was only half a day!
Mae emerged, surprisingly, and somewhat disappointingly, dressed. She saw my downcast expression, but spoke first: “I know you have to go to work, so do I, but perhaps we can make dinner tomorrow night, and then Sunday is a free day, ok?” It was a question asked with raised eyebrows and a smile of promise, and rhetorical; she gathered her keys & handbag, gave me a lingering look before an equally lingering kiss on the lips, responding to my arms pulling her closer despite her previous going-home-now actions, but resisted and eased away.
“I am very happy; very happy we ‘bumped’ into each other today. See you tomorrow.” She started her motorcycle, put her helmet on and rode off, a glance down my body enough for my cock to wave in reply.

I slept the sleep of the satisfied, worn out lover, and surprised my colleagues with the spring in my step at work the next day. Mae phoned at one point to ask what time I would be home, and as I answered “before 2pm sure”, I had to turn from any prying eyes as my cock lurched in my pants. ‘You are an old man’ I scolded myself, ‘you don’t get a hardon like a teenager!’ But I did, and it was exciting.

Home for an afternoon nap to fully charge the batteries, and woken by the doorbell about 4pm, to find a smiling Mae with a small, overnight bag in her hand. “Thought I might need some extra clothes – maybe” she pouted as she entered, and turned to beckon to someone off to the side. Before I could wonder who it might be, Mae embraced me in a hug of colossal strength, with lips plastering my face and mouth, and then settling into a long, open-mouthed tonguing kiss. I guessed watching the football on TV tonight was out of the question, as I encircled as much of her waist as even my long arms allowed, and rubbed my hands up and down her spine.

I heard the door closed, then the curtains, and as my ex-mother-in-law released me, she turned me around to greet her companion. Somewhat embarrassed, I looked up to find another familiar face, Mae’s own younger sister who I had known equally as long, but always referred to as Aunty. So now she would be ex-aunty-in-law!
I greeted her respectfully, but Mae laughed, and said “It’s OK! Be natural! I couldn’t stop myself telling Kim because she could see how happy and excited I was last night and this morning, and she insisted on coming to see you herself, truly!”
I hadn’t seen Kim in several years, but now I looked; in contrast to Mae’s voluptuous, larger-sized body, her sister, 7-8 years younger I recalled, was as tall but slim and shapely, yet with boobs which seemed over-sized relative to that slim body. Quite a sight, and supple as she moved towards me and, with a backward glance at Mae for a smile of approval, she raised her tiny hands to my face and brought my head down a few inches to where she could pull my mouth to hers, perhaps attempting to outdo her sister in raising my temperature, and my cock. I was getting hotter, no question, as I found the inside of her mouth with my tongue, tried to peer to the side through her hair to see if Mae was about to clobber me, then wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, crushing her boobs to my chest until they spilled all around my ribcage, and in turn felt her hips grinding in, so strong as if she was trying to squeeze my prick into non-resistance, with nowhere to go but inside her. My prick throbbed, and I panted into her mouth with the intensity of it all for some time, before I stopped her when it seemed she was readying herself to jump and straddle my waist with her legs. I withdrew my tongue and kissed her lightly on her face and cheeks, easing my prick and body backwards, and gently pushing on her body to pry it away, my mind asserting itself and raising awareness that Mae was the primary guest.

Kim took a few moments to show her understanding, while slowing her heartbeat I guessed; my back was towards Mae, so she wouldn’t have seen as Kim snaked one hand down from my face, between our bodies until she grasped and squeezed my rigid cock. Releasing it reluctantly, she lightly kissed me, turned and hugged Mae, and breezed out the door, calling emphatically “See you soon!” I had no doubt.

Mae came to me then, having closed the door behind her sister, and re-wrapped herself around me, feeling my still engorged prick poking at her. She leaned her head back, smiling, as she now grasped my cock “So, you think my sister wants some of you too, son? She always did want what I have, but I won’t give up this as easily as my silly daughter, and my sister will have to wait her turn! Today, we will eat food, so you go and relax while I prepare” she finished, sliding her body across mine as she stepped past, bra-clad nipples hard enough to highlight her way across my bare chest.
I had my afternoon shower, brushed my teeth, dressed just in a pair of my house shorts and made my ritual coffee while Mae busied herself preparing rice and prawns and vegetables, and settled on the sofa to watch the BBC news.
Mae joined me after a while, announcing we could eat dinner whenever ready – she didn’t say ‘hungry’ today, perhaps remembering what had happened yesterday when that word was used! But first she wanted to shower, so she took her small bag, went upstairs, and left me catching up on the news.

After returning, dressed in a wrap around material only it appeared; its length to her thighs and tied up above her large breasts, forcing them together to form a deep cleavage. She carried a glass of beer for herself, surprisingly as I never recalled her drinking alcohol before, and she saw my quizzical look; “I am feeling hot, thought I would have a beer to cool and calm down; I do sometimes” she said by way of explanation. With my coffee finished, I also went to the kitchen and got a can from the fridge, returning to slump down beside her on the sofa, after turning the fan towards us.
I put my left arm around her shoulders, and she snuggled into my neck, draping her arm across my stomach and resting it on my hip bone.
The news finished, and as the first football game of the evening began, I held up the remote control, “anything you want to see Mae?” In response, she moved her hand to cover my cock, “Just this, son; you just watch the football while I have a snack, then we must eat my food.”
She slid my body lengthways on the sofa, slid herself down to my feet and knelt between my legs as she removed my shorts and let them fall to the floor., quickly untying and losing her own material wrap. My cock hadn’t been rigid, but as her hands now rubbed up my legs, it stood up, waving as if to direct her attention. Mae didn’t miss the call, and even wrapping both hands on the shaft, the length of it left the head of my prick available to her lowered, open mouth, her long, large boobs brushing down on my legs. She slurped her moistened lips lightly over it, then releasing one hand, drew my cock into her mouth as far as her other hand on the shaft would allow, back up sucking, and down again, removing her second hand and trying to go the whole length. She couldn’t, not this first time, it was too much, so she contentedly swallowed me down and up, using her tongue judiciously when she was up at my prick’s head, sucking at the slit, and her hands now cupping my buttocks and tickling my balls and up the crease to give a gentle stroking of my clenching arse-hole.

I groaned in delight as I tried to maintain a focus on the football, trying to prolong, for as long as Mae wanted to keep going, what would inevitably happen.
Mae’s long hair was cascading around her face, so she took her hands away for a few moments and wound it up in a twirl and secured it behind her head, never giving up the motions with her mouth. It was such a sexy sight, as I gave up attempting to watch the football, instead mesmerized by her mouth on my prick, her upraised arms as she fixed her hair, thus lifting her tits which I now enclosed in my hands, and felt the build up within my balls.
I warned her, not sure if she wanted my cum in her mouth or elsewhere, or even not at all perhaps; but she kept on, and in one last effort, she deep-throated my whole rod, sending a blazing green ‘Go’ light through me to erupt in spasms from my cock straight down her throat. There was more, and she rose to slurp the head, savouring it slowly in her mouth this time, catching each succeeding jet until I seeped out the last drops, when she sucked me dry and released me to flop down. She slid up my body, put her lips to mine, her mouth then opened to mine, and we shared the taste between us. “Wow!” I said in surprise, when a few moments later she told me she had never done this before, but wanted to do with me. She rose up, licked her lips seductively again, and announced her snack had been delicious! But now was time to serve main course. I groaned, smiling, and rested as she wrapped her material back around herself and bounced, breasts, buttocks and spirits, into the kitchen area.
This night we did get to eat the prepared food; mostly Mae was the eater, as my small body needed little sustenance; so I drank a beer when I had eaten my fill, thinking of what had transpired, and just gazed at Mae filling up. Who would have believed this would happen? Then again, recently in-laws seemed to have become my favourite attractions, and they were all very attractive, very seductive, and very sexy – and, perhaps a pointer to my inner desires, they were all large-sized, with large breasts particularly, and large libidos which required feeding.

After Mae sat back, patting her full stomach, we remained there at the table silent for perhaps 5 or more minutes, each in our various thoughts. When my glass needed refilling with beer, we both rose and began cleaning up, washing the dishes, putting out the rubbish, barely talking but each close by, very aware of the other, the occasional brushing of parts of our bodies electrifying in the quietness.

Football was forgotten when the jobs were finished, my beer drained and, by unspoken mutual agreement, we locked up, turned off the lights and headed upstairs to the bathroom firstly, to clean teeth and freshen up, then to the bedroom. I never slept with clothes, and while had worn her material wrap to the bedroom, she drew it off – with a rather sexy twirl to finish as she lay it beside the bed, and climbed in.
I had a nightly ritual of reading my current novel for 5-10 minutes before turning off the light for sleep, and I left the light on and picked up my book for this purpose. Mae snuggled under the covers on my right side and half covered me with a leg and upper body pressed across me. After barely a few seconds, her hand lifted from its resting place and moved across my chest to rest her fingers on my left nipple; a few seconds more and her thumb and forefinger gently held the end of that nipple and twirled and stretched it, almost painfully as it was hardly of a size to stretch anywhere.
I placed my book on the bedside table, and turned to my right to cuddle her. We had barely spoken a word since dinner, knowing this moment was coming eventually; I turned her face up to mine and kissed her, slowly, gently, lovingly and for a long minute, while our four hands roamed and caressed the body parts reachable on the other.
For me, that was the one available breast, and a small movement of my right hand to stroke her face and neck, while Mae had access all down my side and to my relaxed, but awakening, cock. It was nice to do this.

It was a wonderful night, of slow love-making, of caresses and cuddles and gentle kisses. There was no raw sex about what we did; no sweaty bodies even as we joined groins, joined Mae’s buttocks to my groin when she turned over for me to spoon into her pussy from the rear, nor later when she sat up and rode up and down. It wasn’t slow-motion, physically, but felt as such emotionally, to me; felt so close between our bodies that our hearts also touched, and our feelings jumped the divide to mingle and be shared equally. It was nice.
Naturally, it wasn’t as timeless as it somehow felt, so some hours later we spooned, one of my hands cupping a soft breast, my face nuzzled into Mae’s hair at the back of her neck, both actions as I loved to do when going to sleep; and sleep we did.

It was mid-day when the loud voice of the fruit vendor passing the front of the house – as he did at 1200 every single day, even on Sundays – woke me. We hadn’t moved except to straighten our legs and remained curved together.
Mae didn’t stir, but my cock did. However, instead of being selfish, I slipped away, showered, washed my hair and cleaned my teeth; then I opened the bedroom door quietly: Mae still asleep. So I threw on my shorts and decided to surprise her with breakfast in bed! This didn’t take long; coffee for me as I cooked my one and only menu item: omelette, but I do/did add chopped ham, cheese and tomatoes, and while it was slowly simmering, rushed out to buy her some 100% orange juice.
Balancing all this somehow, and grabbing fork and spoon and the ubiquitous tomato sauce, I carefully made my way upstairs – only to find she was in the bathroom. I said “Quickly, breakfast will be cold Mae!” and she emerged, naked but refreshed. I shooed her into the bedroom, made her get back down on the bed and, after carefully leaning down to kiss her ‘good morning’, placed her plate on her lap and her juice on her bedside table, and my coffee on my side as I squatted by her side.
She had to sit up to eat, and I chuckled as her breasts were so long and large they almost obscured the plate in her lap, and I just watched her with my coffee as she ate with gusto. Her legs spread to get comfortable, and her pussy was there, an open invitation to my eyes.

Putting my coffee down, Mae asked if I had eaten, if I was hungry. That triggered a previous reaction, and while she had no free hands even if she had wanted to stop me, I lowered my mouth, answering before I closed my mouth on her pussy “Now I will eat, thank you Mae”.
I feasted on her. Her juice was better than the orange juice, and her cunt was tastier than my omelette I am sure. I took longer to eat all that was on offer than Mae did to finish her food, knowing this when I felt her hands ruffling through my hair as she pushed my face even deeper inside, laying back to raise her body that fraction which allowed me to go so deep...and deeper.
When she climaxed, a quiet yet meaningful orgasm, I didn’t let her come down; rather I bounced up the bed and plunged my cock straight into that spot where my tongue and mouth had just been, boosting her senses immediately into another prolonged orgasm as I twirled at the bottom of my length inside her, and also plunged my mouth over one tit and sucked as wide on her breast as I could with my tongue doing its own thing on her nipple. Mae blew like a screaming Chinese rocket at New Year, and I felt such pleasure, indeed pride, if this had been as a result of my love-making.

I had no need to cum for myself; I was smiling watching Mae as she came down from her heights. My prick was still full-length within her, and I just wriggled it around, causing small shudders and groans; I felt this was a romantic way for me to bring her back, no sudden finish, rather a series of steps down to ground level.
She sighed from her toes to her mouth. It was almost complete, but I wanted to prolong it while possible, so I withdrew my prick from her pussy, slurped it through all the wetness in the area from her groin and gently prodded at her anus; she raised her hips slightly, encouraging me, so my well-juiced cockhead entered her rosebud easily. I reached to fondle her nipples and slid myself the whole way inside in one gentle, smooth motion.
Mae moaned and shivered, her eyes were closed as my hands stimulated her everywhere up top as I leaned my mouth over to kiss and tickle her clit momentarily. While her cunt had become more used to my size by now, I asked if I was hurting her; she didn’t speak but shook her head and moved her hips around and up and down, causing my prick to move inside her. Raising my body slightly to alter my angle, I began a deliberate, strong but gentle fuck of Mae’s hole.
It was an erotic moment, sweet and tender, so alive with the making of love, and yet replete with raw sexual emotion about to be completed with raw sexual orgasmic release.
My prick was proud of what it had been doing to please Mae for a long time, but now it shivered and expanded in girth as my balls swelled and pushed a stream of semen out the head of my prick into Mae, while she simultaneously responded with a gush of juice from her pussy. The Clouds mushroomed and the Rain pounded our senses.

We never made love again after that day. Mae went home later that afternoon after we had cuddled back to sleep, awakening to shower and, almost without speaking, to hold each other closely as she prepared to leave. A few times I attempted to mouth some words; she either pressed her lips to mine, or placed a gentle hand over my mouth, stifling whatever words may have emanated. I understood, as did Mae, our making love had said it all.

The following day I had an early flight upcountry to a regional office, working there for 2 weeks. I tried telephoning Mae but her mobile wasn’t in service.

When I returned to the city and my house, I found a letter from her under my door. She said she had gone away to her home province and would only return after I had flown out to my home country. As I read her words, I pictured her tears writing, as my tears dripped on the page; her next words echoed my own: it wasn’t just physical sex we had enjoyed in our few days together, but the tentacles of emotional love had begun spreading, dangerously so perhaps as such a relationship would bring many problems at this point, not least that I was married. She was correct, I knew. She signed it with her name, not Mae, and ended with a declaration of remembrance of the love we had shared. I quietly spoke the same to the letter, folded it carefully as a keepsake, and moved on with my life.

Although it sometimes must seem as if I am an unscrupulous, philandering husband, taking advantage of lonely women, I believe a counter view is that, at least, I have kept it In the Family. Until now anyway….remember Mae's sister Kim?

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